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DC- A half irish/ half english writer and level 23 artist. It only means he can have a cuppa with whiskey in during the morning without the sense of guilt.

Chibi- A university student and... The Artist, level 96 another tea lover, drinks more then suffolk do in a year.
Wait a moment
Has no-one else here noticed that Rat might of been smacked around the entire world?

At least that's what I'm assuming happened xP
Looks like Rat is blasting off again!
@orihalium: He should land at the Electric gym anytime now.
November 21st, 2012
@H0lyhandgrenade: You quite clearly said 'scuse me before walking past them, it would be there fault for not knowing that in English law of politeness, if you say excuse me, you are granted clear passage! But damn that makes me want to get an iPod again =(
I've felt like that Pikachu before.
H0lyhandgrenade used physics and logic... It was super effective!

Somehow I think Atty will either get away with the fact DT was half dead so the battle is unfair anyway... Or his sweater is taken and we have Atty actually want to win a battle as apart from Top Gear and Cigarettes that Sweater is the only thing I've seen him show genuine affection for.
I predict some glass will be made next comic and Sandslash will splat right into it.
Sadly Hollywood16 by being aware of your ignorance you lose said power!

It's a Dugtrio..
What the?
I yawned just before the page loaded... How'd you do that :S
I'll hazard a guess.
If it weren't for the fact this is a Rock Pokémon gym I would assume "Gutripper" is an Oddish.

But knowing Atty's luck it is probably an Onix, Golem or the lesser known Kabutops.
I spotted the workings in a DA message and the brain shot me the thoughts. "Stop moving! Ok... Move... Go on SmackJeeves! New Moképon page *whipcrack*"
Your a fellow brit?

Gotta say I often check updates at around 2am so I'm doing well to time check along side ya.
Well the first line of the song..
Trouble, he did not prepare for it?

The gun is done well, besides if you wanted you could of made something odd looking and said it was a team rocket brand gun *shifty eyes*

Granted Jesse from the show did shoot at an old guy (banned episode) So this works. :D

Also people... I highly doubt the next page will involve Atticus getting a bullet to the head, if anything a metapod will fall at the right moment deflect the bullet and summon millions of beedrills. xD
Next comic title: The actual truth.
I personally think Megaman, Mario & Sonic are just gonna settle it with whoever beats their villan first game or whoever destroys the most robots xD
You forgot
- All sonic characters
- All Mario Characters

Lets face it they all do the impossible somehow xD
Like the Mario brothers they turn up to the castles early, their plumbers!
Next move!
Dragonthing, pick up the metapod and hit that damn bugcatcher with it, but after he says harden so it has a good chance of knocking him out :P
Knowing this comic he's probably caught a certain italian man in a dress :P
Well if Espio is here that means Victor and Charmy are about too....

And knowing the comical nature... I say thats Charmy bee within the smoke!
Nyah ><
I truly fuckeded up that second to last panel, I will now go perform Seppku....Next page up soon.
Blame Smackjeeves and the 500kb uploading thing for this...

Nothing looks good when you have to remove 1mb of your comic.
Focus Elliot...Focus *snaps fingers*