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I'm not even hereeeee LOL
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LOOOOL This is great already!
Keep up the great work
Taka and Cousin
Taka should need a job over summer or something. And like, you know, Haru will be like, my cousins place is hiring, so you should go work there. It could start off as a short doujin type thing, like he meets him over summer and then misses him when he leaves for school... or something? And then Taka doesn't know why but he keeps wanting to go back there to see him?
; U ; If I could draw super fast I would totally draw a doujin for you XD But I'm slow...
LOL, they are super cute!!!!
Are you fangirls serious? Shiratori has got to have a few people on booty call! I think he's experienced. I mean, he DID take the initiative pretty well. It's not like he was shy about it.
> u > totally not a virgin I-M-O~
> U >
Awwww, I've missed Haru and Shiratori! Thank you for updating!
But Wait!
Shiratori can't do anything "weird" but Haru can
> U > So if he starts it then it isn't weird right?
> u >
He's like, "Mommy?"
"No, Shiratori."
-gasp- (why did mom have to let you in the house????)
; M ;
*Checked Everyday for Udates*
Anyways lol, I bet her dad was all shy and whatnot and she's just like *sparkle power x200*
Haru's Dad: *scared*...*can't fight back* *ends up getting married to her and having baby Haru later*
He would probably be the kind to like a girl who's really elegant that wouldn't want him or something.

Like he'd admire her and like her so much that he worships the ground she walks on.

But yes~ Please write about Taka-chan after this one! I want to know his story. You should do a JR and tie in couples. That would be great. A big gay circle of love.
@ A @...!!!!
You should, no, HAVE TO write Taka's Story next. I will read. And fanart. And love you more than I already do.

Also (lolz) I think that Taka would have a seme who would give him a hard time and embarrass him often. Because I feel as though seeing Ta-chan embarrassed isn't something we would see often. So one that is a little on the frisky and sly side(while making a lot of sexual remarks)would most definitely suit him.

They are so cute!!!
moaaar updates~

Phew. I feel like a hypocrite because of that lol.

Anyways, keep going, this interests me.
R-18 chapter!??!?! Omg I'm so excited now. LOL
> W >
I love this so much. They are both so adorable!
Great Idea~
When Shiratori is walking away, Haru is like wait! *goes after him but trips and either a) lands ontop of him or b)pulls his towel off*
> W >
Shiratori coming out of the shower huh!!!
He's so cute. "That means. I TOTALLY GOT LAID LAST NIGHT" Awww, that poor thing, little does he know that nothing happened at all... he's still got a long way to go.

And your backgrounds are good enough for me. I'm not going to be picky, its just a webcomic. And since I love your story and your art I say it's fine as it is.

Don't feel down! I'm rooting for you!
*heart bursts*
oh god. my little brother walked in when I was trying to post... My heart hurts.

But anyways. I like how yours totally gets to the point! LOL, way to go!
> A <;
LOL, reading that was super hard because the kissing was distracting me. LOLOLOL But I think that if I had the money that yes I would buy it.
Love! So accept his feelings already! If you're not out of the closet yet, pull a move since he's wasted and probably won't remember! It'll be okay! Right?

98 pages... needs a kiss or something for us to fangril over...
= U = !!!
You tell him Haru!!! I think it's time for him to pull a move!