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Hi, I'm 24 years old sort of graphic designer from Finland. I love drawing and playing volleyball.I hope that you will enjoy. :)
Sorry, there was no new page last week. I was super busy. :(
But now is time to wrap chapter 3. I need to take a short break to get some stuff ready for chapter 4. I'll announce later when Wayfarers will be back, so stay tuned. :)
March 11th, 2018
Sorry, this week has been super busy, so I didn't have time to finish this week's page. But have a little extra drawing instead.
That goat is named Goat McGoatface.
Here is the new page. And also Happy New Year! :D
Happy Holidays! I'm taking a little break from Wayfarers to spend Christmas with my family. Regular uploads will return next week. :)
Sorry, it took longer than I expected. But finally: here's the new page!
October 21st, 2017
Sorry, no new page today. :/ I'm super busy because of my work and some other stuff right now so I need a little more time to draw new pages. Wayfarers will officially return during November.
More explaining by Lao.
Lot's of explaining
Yeah Paul, can't you see she is eating?
Someone is hungry
Sorry for this week's page for being a little late. I just got back from Crete. :)
She's not happy with the dress...
Bath time!
A new challenger approaches
Sorry for a late update. I was on a small road trip with my friends so I wasn't able to upload new page yesterday.
Lao is ready for action.
Hi guys! Sorry, but no new page this week. Because of my job, I hadn't time to finish this week's page. :(
So instead I'll give you this little drawing to celebrate Wayfarers second anniversary. Thank you so much for reading my comic! ^^

p.s. Starting today (or tomorrow) , you can read Wayfarers also here:
I'll start to upload pages there too.
Happy Easter everyone! :D
Prepare for some dragon magic!