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Hi, I'm 24 years old sort of graphic designer from Finland. I love drawing and playing volleyball.I hope that you will enjoy. :)
Someone is hungry
Sorry for this week's page for being a little late. I just got back from Crete. :)
She's not happy with the dress...
Bath time!
A new challenger approaches
Sorry for a late update. I was on a small road trip with my friends so I wasn't able to upload new page yesterday.
Lao is ready for action.
Hi guys! Sorry, but no new page this week. Because of my job, I hadn't time to finish this week's page. :(
So instead I'll give you this little drawing to celebrate Wayfarers second anniversary. Thank you so much for reading my comic! ^^

p.s. Starting today (or tomorrow) , you can read Wayfarers also here:
I'll start to upload pages there too.
Happy Easter everyone! :D
Prepare for some dragon magic!
Things are getting interesting. :D
Many thanks for Banda ( for designing Garen for this comic. ^^
Uncle Lao explains it all. :D
@Thunder the shinx: Yeah, he does that. :D
Okay Lao, do not be too familiar.
And finally we can see some Canicids. We haven't seen them since the prologue. :D
Happy New Year!
Happy new year folks and thanks for reading Wayfarers! :)
Let's have a wonderful year!

If you wanna see a small collection of Melissa's grumpy face through the years check my twitter:

2017 is also the year when my home country turns 100 years old. :)
@princess_lom: Sorry for a late answer.
What a coincidence! :D
I checked your comic and it looks super cool! ^^
@Rhubarbwaffelius: Jos täällä vois tykätä kommenteista, niin peukuttaisin siun ihan kympillä. :D
Merry Christmas to everyone and THANK YOU FOR 100+ favs!

I'll try to answer some comment's tomorrow. I've been so busy and I'd like to take some proper time to answer your comments. :)
Lao just loves to give nicknames to people. :D

P.s.Sorry for a late page again.