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Grr I'm mad... my favourites list updates so slowly ;_;
The expressions on this page are priceless. XD
Aww she's so cute in the third and fourth panels.
Omigosh I love him in the last panel.
Omigosh he's like that kid who'll smile no matter how many times he falls down X3
Aww I love the background. It's cute somehow :33
Awww so cute. He better choose his girlfriend :33
Omigosh I love the potato in the first panel <33
Lol! That made my day... which is over in 19 minutes :33
It's like you want him to ask you to go with him.
Omg I love the pose in panel 3. That is the best high five ever!
Aww she looks so cute in the second panel!
Wow Poofy looks really scary in that third panel! Good job on this page!
Hehe. Awww if only this was how people acted over things like this XD
Haha Chelsea looks funny in the cage.
LOL I love how you gave the explosion a happy face! SO cute!
He broke his leg because he was running away from a butterfly and tripped on another butterfly? Why do I find that hard to believe? O_o
Lol this is such a cute comic. I love how you're letting so many people send you guestcomics they are so adorable!
Wow, you can colour better than me even when you're sick XD
Whoa did he throw it? He's strong ;_; I don't know if I could even carry that thing haha...
1. Do you like this comic so far?? Yea
2. Is my paneling ok? Easy to read? Yep
3. is the pacing ok? too fast? slow? It's pretty good.. maybe a little fast
4. isn't my sense of humor lame~? I think it's cute
5. If you've read the old version, do you think the new version is better? I like this version better but they are both good!