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All that you need to know of me is that I draw, I write, I protect those who surround me, and I'm one of the mellowest people you will ever meet.

Wanna be mellow, chill with me. It'll be interesting.
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Oh shi-
It's been so long since I've checked which comics I co-author, that I forgot I'm co-author of Urika! D: *fail*

I'll do the next couple of pages! D: or even one. DX *must make it up to comic*
Sorry Kiye >:
:O maybe it's cottage cheese? or cream cheese?! I wanna know!
female, 17 but 18 in june
I hate rich guys too! XD Nice comic.
D: the tension! TELL US!!!! DX *gets shot* ok, i'm I'm not. I wanna knowww!!! T_T....He wouldn't kill her...then the story would be done...and that would be anti-climatic. >_>
I adore this comic, it makes me giggle. :]
cool, i'll watch this. it should be interesting.
XD aww that's sweet *goes to draw some fanart* ^^
XD aww that's awsome. this comic is neet. i'm gonna fave it
haha, akward father-son talk time. I feel bad for teddy though...
nooeeesss D: there's no more pages! T_T so sad...cant wait to read more..
September 6th, 2007
wow, this seems like an interesting comic. I'll have to keep watch.
yarg, it's not crappy!!! it's awsome!!! <3 your backrounds dont suck kiye!!!
oh noes, the bird flu..=\
heh, this is going to be an interesting chapter. I love how this page is set up, I just do.
I want sucks that I dont have a DS....pokemon brainwash EVEREYONE! *goes to play emerald on GBA* T_T
it looks like a great page though. ^^ It dosen't look like you took a picture of it. Anyways, I like how the story's turning out.
more! they're awesome!
noeee no more pages to read. T_T good comic. I bet one of the brothers is her childhood friend! *nods*
lol for some reason i'm laughing like an idiot. blood shouldnt be this funny.... *sigh*