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Okie dokes, I'm Madbrook95 and um- I like stuff? Yes. =P MAKES PERFECT SENSE!

Oh my God I was like....12 when I made this. Ignore my little self.
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I'M LIKING THIS PAGE. :DD I love her eyes. XD I don't care if people think they are creepy!
Yay! This update just made my day. I love this comic SO MUCH.
He did it out of pure and epic awesomeness. =D
If I say I was excited to see the next page would that mean another update? -hopefuleyes-
Her eyes are the best! They aren't creepy at all. =)
"The Life Of Pi" brings me bad memories of English class. Oh gosh it was a weird book about a kid and his life boat with a tiger, but surly he can't be reading the Life of Pi I'm thinking of.
I wanna do fan art! But my tablet broke. ><
I hope you do draw new pages! =D This comic is one of my favorites! You have an awesome drawing style which makes the comic even more enjoyable. =)
December 11th, 2009
Awh, this made me cry almost- you did a great job and made me VERY interested in the novel. I will take a look at it if I have the time. =) I hope you make another comic soon! You're great at them!
You're welcome, and I was interested from the start! Actually from the moment you put him in the review. You're art style truely has a wonderful charm, it's not cruddy like some people on here (including myself) and even though the boxes weren't straight and it was in pencil it had a wonderful storyline so far and wonderful characters. And I love the name Gladimus and the way he looks. He truely was one of the reasons why I wanted to take a peek at the comic. Actually if you think about it, it's very rare that I favorite just anybody's comic. It has to have a great art style and want me coming back for more. And that's what your comic does actually. I actually sit down and think about what a great comic it is in my spare time. (I do that for a lot of comics, actually and then I re-read them. )

Which I hope that once you do get to your most amazing art style level (can't find the right words!) that you publish it and make it a manga or something. I usually don't buy those, but heck! For Gladimus I would!
Keep with the great work. =)
Awh, I thought the comic was pretty nice! I favorited it. =) You have a wonderful art style! And my eyes are wonderful- expect I got shampoo in them. D=
Haha, as long as it's good! XD Which, random question but which comic is your vampire character in, DBR?

And dude! I did this project and I was ONE POINT OFF from a B! 79, that just failed. XD
To me I think this comic deserves a little more then a C. =) But I'm not the reviewer. You did a great job reviewing it! I just think it deserves a little more then a C. ;D
It think the idea of hitting people over the head to get ideas is a great idea! I want to get hit! XD
Teehee, I'm not becoming a vampire slayer because then it means I won't be able to marry Louie! Or Lestat- IDK, I love em both. Interview with the Vampire- FOR THE WIN.
There were mistakes?
OH WELL, I love your hands! I don't know what you're talking about! XD
Would be weird if her and jack was related. ;D
Haha, if it makes you feel any better I think your Edward is WAAAAAAAAAY cuter or 'hotter' then Smeyer's Edward. Hate smeyer's Edward, she raped my Grand Father's name.
Though, your Edward is very cute. Love his hair. XD
OMG!!! DUSK IS SMILING! Now that's not what you see every day. ;D
LAWD, what was even the point of ripping people apart? For what? Pffft, octopus food?
And will we ever see King Triton in this comic? Just dawned on me...