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You're both kind of right! Julius loves clothes and doesn't like being bogged down by a set look. He likes different patterns, different colors, he even has winter versions of his costume. He even has a CHRISTMAS version of his outfit!!! It's sort of silly because he works at night and very few people get to see the more subtle changes but Bradley knows!
Hey, everyone! It's Adriana/missveryvery! Interpunkt is at a conference in Las Vegas (she's safe, don't worry!). So no update today!

Instead we're having a fundraiser for Puerto Rico, an American territory that was devastated by Hurricane Maria. Remember how Simon is Puerto Rican? So is interpunkt (I'm/Adriana is Costa Rican, different kind of latina)!

Many people need our help! So we're selling a postcard with this image on it in our store.


It's Simon with hibiscus flowers and coquí frogs, the symbolic flower and animal of Puerto Rico (the postcard won't have the logo on it). 100% of the money goes to the Hispanic Federation charity.

On a more personal note, some of you following Interpunkt on twitter might already know that she has family there. Everyone is ok right now but her continent-side family is working to get her grandmother out so this is a cause very near and dear to her as she’s been keeping close eyes on the devastation and knows how much help they all need.

Interpunkt is also from Las Vegas originally (I know, what are the odds!!!!!!), but thankfully none of her friends or family were in the vicinity at the time of the shooting at Mandalay Bay and they're all safe!
Thank you
Hey everyone, I thought I'd say a little something here given the circumstances.

So if you've been checking in on the site here you know I broke my arm.

If you didn't know and just now got in again, remember how the last time we posted a page we were going "come see us at Sakura-con!". Well, 2 days after Sakura-con I broke my right arm. You know, the thing I draw with. I won't uh, go into all the details because that's a bummer.

Mostly I don't have the stamina and control I once had so I'm building that back up again. Drawing for work and then drawing more afterwards hurts, sometimes a lot, but the more I draw the more my hand will relearn. So my arm isn't back up to par but if I don't start working on this comic again I'll lose my mind. I had to buy a Huion pen display or else I wouldn't be able to do this.

But more than that all the patience and support from my creative partner, interpunkt, my friend lazesummerstone, my co-workers, the VERY patient understanding fans and the other general internet people that know me for whatever reason has been amazing and I know that sounds cliche but I really mean it, I'm totes crying as I type this.

While I was laid up, a lot of different artists did art pieces for us to tide over the fans and they're all really great, please go page back and check them all out and check them all out.

I am very, VERY lucky to have a great creative partner and friends and the fans that MAOH has gotten, because many people don't have that kind of support and I didn't even have that support and caring until I was around 21. If this had happened to me before that, this would have ruined my life forever, I would have survived the accident but I wouldn't have survived as a person.

Ok, sort of still a bummer, I tricked you. But I tried to end it on a nice note. I just wanted to come in and say thank you to all of you myself.
Happy Halloween!
Hello! It's Adriana/Miss VeryVery! Kristen/Interpunkt is in Japan on vacation so I'm posting our little present for you all for your patience! It's the main kids in their Halloween costumes!

Simon is dressed as a rabbit because Bradley usually matches him and Simon wanted him to look ridiculous in a rabbit costume.
Sergio is a werewolf but a "friendly one". He added the ribbon so as not to look too scary. Everyone thinks he's a cat.

Nilus is dressed like a Kuliltu warrior, which just looks like a fish. She's fine with that and has no idea what's happening.

Not pictured: Bradley as a rabbit (everyone thinks he's a sexy rabbit), Julius as a very traditional vampire, Samekh as nothing because he's not doing this, and Claude as Vampire Hunter D.

In other news! We're starting Nanowrimo! Kristen and I are writing a novel together! Patrons of our Patreon just got a huge dump of info on the project and the first 3 chapters so support us now and you can get access to all of that!
Pokemon Party
It's me, missveryvery/Adriana! Kristen (interpunkt) is heading out to SDCC! So no page this week! Instead, we thought you guys might like to see what favorite Gen 1 Pokemon and teams The Trio have picked for Pokemon Go! For Team Instinct, Simon went for Raichu because they have the same sort of personality. On team Mystic, Naima chose Dragonair for obvious aesthetic and power reasons. And for Team Valor, Sergio felt bad for the despised and common Zubat.
@ritzy bits
nope, if you look back on previous pages, her hands are just as tiny. they just look extra tiny next her her giant head
Re:the staff
Check out what Samekh is doing when he first appears in issue #1!
Hey guys, it's missveryvery/Adriana making the update! Thank you to everyone who came by our table at ECCC! You're all so nice to us! Your sweet words and support are what we do the comic for!

Unfortunately, despite best efforts, we couldn't get the page done on time today, we were trying really hard! But we're both crazy busy with work and with the con and now I'm infected with con-plague! So instead, have this baby Naima on a turtle! Who either really enjoys having baby Naima on it's back or wishes you would call the cops on her! A mystery! Join us back here next week with a brand new page!

<img src="">& lt;br />

Some Links:
Patreon + MAOH Twitter + MAOH Tumblr + MAOH Instagram<br />
MAOH SHOP + MAOH on Comixology + MAOH Facebook


It's sort of the same goddess, as in Tiamat, the Mesopotamian goddess of salt water/the sea. But her depiction as a many headed dragon was popularized by Dungeons and Dragons. She was definitely NOT a many headed dragon, or a typical western dragon at all. She might have been a large sea serpent type thing but with limbs. But it's much more likely that, like many gods, she could be a human looking person as well as a variety of creatures at will (like how Zeus transforms into eagles and swans and things).
Fun Fact: Sergio's pretty sure it's illegal to make fart noises at kings!

Interpunkt/Kristen is on vacation right now so I (Adriana/Miss VeryVery) am updating the page! Huzzah! Me and Kristen are very anti-farts/fart noises, but we strive for accuracy when depicting gross children like Simon.

While you're here, you might wanna check out the overhauled SHOP!

Some Links:
MAOH Twitter + MAOH Tumblr + MAOH Facebook
MAOH SHOP + MAOH on Comixology

Hey all, interpunkt's on a well deserved vacation so I'm posting the page!

Jet/Dominic talks a big game but he surrenders pretty easily, the girls are pretty impossible to fight. But it's okay, they're friends and it dissolves into curling up with each other quickly! The girls know he's just trying to get attention! And now you know their names!

We have a few comics left over from the con, so anyone looking to get their hands on physical copies, now's your last chance for a while (as we try to sort out our printer issues) so please check out the SHOP and get them before they're gone for a while! Interpunkt also added a few new items in there like a new shirt, pinset, and a new print!

I think 01 is completely sold out (wow!) but you can still get a digital copy of it over on Comixology! Please leave a rating for it! IGN gave us an A+, isn't that amazing?! We're so grateful and happy!

<img src="">
hahaha! That's his jacket that he's holding! it's the same color as his pants to match it! Hahaha, it does look like his leg!
hahah! Nilo WOULD make a really cute girl!
regnant, adjective
1. Reigning; ruling.
2. Currently having the greatest influence; dominant.

we do have a feed ;0!
The link to our feeds is in a weird place under "News"!

But that's a good point, it should be more visible. SO I made it appear under each page in the share widget section (that wee orange box that says rss on it is the feed link). I'll see if there's anywhere else it should be that makes sense!

This is the feed address:
simon and sergio are both 12. And yes, simon has pierced ears! very pierced haha!
your art is so amazing!!!
yay <3
i very carefully read all of this over the last couple days! it's so funny! please continue! don't give up!