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Live stupidly.
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As a bisexual myself, I feel thy grief, Brad. haha That kind of shit sucks.

*speaking to Brad* What's the worst bisexuality stereotype you've encountered so far? For me it was someone telling me that bi people are just sex-crazed and just want to fuck a lot.

......which isn't really a lie, in my case, but it's not like I don't have feelings too, ya shit lickers. >:T
Is it strange to think that you'd be a really fun person to just have a drink and talk about life with? haha

(and I don't mean, like, alcohol drink. I mean more of getting-a-smoothie-in-the-park kind of drink. lol)
@daviddoesntgetit: haha I hate being the Healer too. I tend to go for Black Mage/Red Mage status in RPGs. Then again, no one can fuck with you when you're the White Mage, because they're doomed without you. >:D
I kinda wish I could play video games with you now, not sure why though. haha

What game were you guys playing in the end?
...I'm oddly curious as to what your favorite Pokemon is now...
Someone had better go pick up that phone..

Because I fucking CALLED IT!!
...For some reason I feel kinda racist, because "lettuce and fish sauce" sounds like the most disgusting thing in the world. >_>''
Dog, the David/Brad shippers are gonna love you. xD
Oh my wow those things are adorable. o3o Though hachiko pups are still unbeatable in their cuteness. lol
Number one: That is unbelievably adorable. o3o
Number two: What is pho? O_o
@pastel liner: Everything will be okay, just as long as you make friends with the girl that sells the weed. Even if you don't smoke it, it's good to make friends with her. Weed-sellers have the best connections in the school. Make friends with her and you'll be able to get out of any jam.
Don't worry. I was a senior last year, and it wasn't that bad. :)

....Actually yeah, yeah it was...
Holy crap I ACTUALLY heard the Street Fighter Announcer shout "KO!!" in my mind when Bernard threw that punch. xD
@muura: Yaaaaaay porn!!
This has to do with a comic that was made a pretty long while back, so instead of trying to find it again, I'll just say this here:

Thank you for recommending "Oyasumi, Punpun" in one of your comics. :) It's become one of my new favorites for how realistic and natural it was... Cartoon bird-thing now withstanding.

Have you read "I'll Give it My All... Tomorrow"? I think you'd enjoy it.
@awsome guy: Dude I totally know what you're talking about! :D I used to love Larry Boy!
Ya know it just occurred to me that almost NO ONE has this many HM slaves. Maybe two at most. Whoever this trainer is, he's not a very good one. lol
As disturbing as it is to you, he's pretty average on the sociability level. lol
Happy Comic Birthday! :D

I realized that this comic has baisicaly become "Ask David Stuff". lol