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Ello, my name is Delpha! I'm just your....average teenage girl that loves to draw. Yup yup.. :D I like to make comics for fun. They're mostly either about a roleplay I do with my friend Brandon called The Chain Reaction, a story I'm slowly developing, or just random stories that pop up in my head. Sometimes you'll see some Christian references or "God talks" throughout some of my comics too.

I'm kinda shy at first but if you get to know me I'm really random and I actually like to talk to people alot. (It just takes me awhile to warm up to people.. ^^;) i'm really bad with these descriptions....haha. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the comics I post here!

NOTE: I've just started using my Smackjeeves account again.. I won't be updating my old Harvest Moon Comic anymore.. (Ok..maybe one day I'll start it up again..After I remember where I was going with it. xD) One day I will begin beLOVED, it's a comic I've been wanting to start for a few years but I still never got the complete story and all the characters figured out.
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I hope that you liked this subcomic. (Even though it was extremely short.) One of these days I'll do a long comic with Letty and her mom so you understand what's going on ALOT better.. Oh, I had to use a different font for the last page because the other pages (except for the first one) I used Photoshop and the font, Century. But GIMP's text tool is too confusing and Paint was my only other option, but it didn't have the Century font... Ah well. haha
Yes....She has a time machine..To be more specific it's a blue 1969 camaro that can go back in time (And no, she doesn't have to go 88mph to be able to timetravel with it. haha)
Page 2! Now you guys know of two other characters, Letty and Mitchell.
o.o I cant wait to see what happens next... Poor Hotaru...
The first page of Always With Me... :)
Yay! I finished the cover of the next The Chain Reaction comic! Sorry but it's another subcomic... (and this one is even shorter than the first one!) It's more of an introduction comic. You'll soon see who's in this comic.. :)
September 27th, 2011
Page 4, I hope you like it... Doesn't Zali look cute with her wings? x3
This is the start of a sub comic in The Chain Reaction comic series. It is about a character name Mithose (who you will not see in the main comics for a while yet....) It is a story of how he got his wings. (He wasn't born with them.)