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White Magician
Prestidigitation, AirGear, Drawing, Piano, Green Lantern Comics, etc...

Money Laundering

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    Lee A.
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Oh snap! This is funn
Alright, I'm sure you're sick of seeing lyrics but I think you might like this one?

Hardly gave me a chance to breathe
Steal my heart, than force me to leave
Life is short you must seize the chance
But love is new, a hypnotic trance
I am not wise, a bit naïve
But I am prepare to learn, and ready to believe
Please stay by my side, show me the way
Though you won’t love me tomorrow
At least love me today

Love your comic btw :D keep up the grea work
Lets see...

♫ Forgive me ♫

Life is not a book
Where every page is planned
Nor is it a puzzle
Controlled by another’s hand
Sometimes it is painful
Especially when you’re in love
You welcome the weakness
But it’s not fear you rise above

Yersh Ma'am!! :D
lolol, poor Becker xD haha! soo cute!

Love your comic! :3 Keep up the good work!!

You are very kind
tyvm!! :D
I am not a digital artist, but I thought I'd give it a try for a cover~ :1

I'm going to try drawing everything on the computer and see how it looks :]
Got a little Lazy and forgot to line the words so the format for this page is RRREEEeeally off... :D I may play around with the format for a while~ Thank you for reading :]
You're sweet! thanks for the support :)
NoteBook doodle of Wren~ Can't wait to get this story going
yeea! Fight back :]
lolol, way to make an entrance! xD
Mooore :3
lmaoo. Awesome! :D
Sorry about the updates Bella, there are 8 authors to this comic and you last updated more than a month ago. I don't know about everyone else but I was anxious to draw something.

Please don't get upset, we were just trying to keep the comic rolling.

And thnx 4 the comments everyone!
Can't wait to see the next pages Kai!
Was feeling artsy and drew up a "page," sorry it's so choppy, I only have paint.

If anyone was already working on page 8, feel free to take this one off. If not, I hope ya like it :]

Horray for a Page!!
It looks wonderful :]
I love this comic, Really cute :]
I hope you keep it up!
I love how the story is progressing, this is such a great comic. :]

Hmm, we know it's embarrassing...I'd guess, but I rather see what it is then to think of something CrraZzy xD

Can't wait for the next page :]

What a Fantastic Page Bella! I love how you drew the characters and shaded, Isabella's outfit is wonderful, she looks so adorable! AAand I love how you drew Geoffrey, He looks great xD !!

I realize I forgot to put his height xD He is 5'7, a couple inches shorter then Prince Kai. She looks older than him in the last panel <3 lol. Love it though, can't wait to see more!
I'm working on an entry for the COntest!! I'm really excited for it :]