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Agreeing with PiraGana
I feel that it's great to be able to have your own art/stories flaws pointed out to yourself, AND be able to accept it, AND even more, want to work to become better and fix the flaws.

That is what I feel makes artists and writers advance and improve the most.


So, I wholeheartedly support the improvements, and am more than willing to wait for them.
& 7 months later...
Heya everyone!
I'm so sorry bout the wait.

I'd love to get this comic rolling again.

&& We now have a new artist in our ranks! :D
Very short, but very good.
I loved reading it, and I'm sure I'll love reading the next part(s).

Keep it up~
Sorry for the long delay . . .
I finally managed to finish page 3, though. ;D
I hope you all enjoy and look forward to the next update. >W<
The next update will be dine by Bliss, so hopefully it'll be up sooner than I would get it done. ((It's mid-terms time... Ugh. ;w;))

Thank you for your patience! <33
Updates will Be on Saturdays/Sundays
After a couple weeks we'll have a normal schedule.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Colored Versions Coming Soon-!
As soon as we get to it, there will be color for the first two pages!! xD

For now, enjoy~ ;D
First Page Up!
Miimie did a great job on this page. <3
800+ fans must happen.... NAO!!

+1 fan here.
I'd vote for MYth : Eternal Gift. I'd love to see how you interpret the story.
Can't wait to see what happens next~!