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The day has come
I'm switching to quasi-Black and White for a second here! I'm glad that this week I put out 2 pages of this! Maybe I can swing one more?
Day1 of the Gameplay Reveal trip is done.
PHew!! I can't believe this is just day 1 of the game play reveal... hahaha maybe the rest should be black and white? haha
@HOPPEDUPHOBBIT: That's more ghosts then I know what to do with!
@Terrain clearwater: Thank you thank you! this is update week so hope I update...A LOT!
Oh it's that Exo...
@Nano Anakin: Haha yeah I think the sad Knight is my fave! haha
@Life exotic: That's a really nice thing to say thank you!!!
@The Orange Cow: hmmm..... volume might not work so good.
@TheJGamer: YES! Well wait...Who's he?
@Bladedancer: Hey thanks a lot!!
@DangerousFan97: Thank you so much!! It was difficult for me cause i pretty much suck at CSS and HTML!
The confusion between these two continues!
Yep it's hard to communicate when you're from a different planet/dimension. But they're really trying their best!
@SuperSTEPHEN831: I think the darkness is gonna be the final boss... but we'll see!
@SuperSTEPHEN831: that's true... I tried to get a bunch of the past characters in there.
@Pigeon: A person is really hard to draw and i still feel like I'm really just figuring it out! Keep trying!
@Gr8: I can play in destiny so I guess in a way, i am canon!?
Issue 1 Cover!
2 Different versions of the cover that I made for Exotic Watermelon Exo Issue#1! I’ll probably be selling this at GuardianCon at the end of the month! Look for my table if you’re there!

This is the alt cover without the boyz so you can see whats behind them better:

<img src=" jcxYI1qjnipeo2_1280.jpg">
@tim tom: That's a good theory, but not saying that's what's happening.
@WOOPWOOP: Yep! Maybe he just needs more kisses.
@HOPPEDUPHOBBIT: Hey happy b-day!!!