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I'm just someone living in Seattle making comics and drinking way to much coffee! I also have a gigantic bird head.
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@ShuggaChan: haha TOO TRUE!!
@The Lord of Shaxxes: Yeah I guess he has many other things on his mind at the moment.
@HonorBoundFate: Yep! something is gonna happen. Something big.
@Inkedcookie : Just ending this little part of the story, but I'll continue as long as Destiny itself continues!
@StrikerPro101: Oh but also... Thank you!!
@StrikerPro101: This is kinda like how a different character could actually make his way through the story, but never get anything done.
@Arcstrider Exo: He kinda got...scathed?! He's missing parts of his clothing and a whole boot! But yeah he's a robot, it's all good.
@Arcstrider Exo: Or he's just really struggling to carry that heavy Greg. haha
@XenoSynthetic: I like this kind of story myself, so that's why I want him to be MOSTLY useless but sometimes really useful. :D
@8007: He does have a recurring connection with Exo/Warmind protocol, so it's possible...
@guy: This is true!
Fallen behind
So Warmind came out and I really got caught up in all the Destiny newness. It's really a good DLC and it feels like a substantial amount of things to do! I'm not sure if I should try to collect new exotic quest items, or rank up in PVP or grind for light level.
So I'm sorry for sliding behind on the comic this past week!
We are nearing the finale of this little segment of Watermelon Exo!
@Nyx: That's pretty interesting! It is fun coming up with a backstory, perhaps what happened to them before they became a Guardian? why were they in Russia at the time?
@guy: This is Deep lore here! haha next though in all seriousness needs to be Shaxx
@HonorBoundFate: Did you find him? He's actually almost impossible to find here.
Excerpt from Watercolor Book:

After quite a little hike, I found exactly what I think I was searching for, the source of the light I could see through the stone 'door'. To be honest, the clouds are coming in and it's starting to get dark so I'm a little scared. But since I made the trek, might as well take at least a little peek inside.

I kind of wish my stalker friend was here.
@Demi: Whoa I can't believe people actually took the time to input the binary code! wow!
@ShuggaChan: OMG I can't believe you spent the time to input that! wow I was wondering if anyone would do it. Sorry it ended up being exactly the same text. But wow!
@Arcstrider Exo: It's more a Clovis bray thing..