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I'm just someone living in Seattle making comics and drinking way to much coffee! I also have a gigantic bird head.
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@EXO: This comment really makes me exceedingly happy. I also do a few non-destiny Watermelon Exo comics once in a while, and I plan to do more... Overwatch seems like a good plan, cause i do play once in a while.
@Guest: that would actually be pretty funny.
@GaryOrGhaul: Thats why there's no more strange coins in the land!
@Pigeon: Such a short life!!!
@Arrow2theKnee: It actually was really fun. I think they should bring it back for April fools day or something.
@XenoSynthetic: By the end there wasn't a single person NOT using it. When it got to that stage PVP became pretty fun. Maybe they should implement a 1 weapon allowed crucible game type?
@Eclipse: Well... I guess so haha
@Pumpkin: MY discord for my Watermelon Exos Clan is
@MourtiusJaul: Hey thanks! :D
@Guest: It was surprisingly fun though if you jumped in!
@Arrow2theKnee: I actually found that if I caught anyone by surprise I could still get em with a SubMachineGun
@UNIVERSAL_ACE: Yeah I really loved that! GG Bungie!
@Bladedancer: Yeah I was totally half way done with a regular Watermelon comic when this whole Prometheus lens thing started going crazy. I had to do a comic about that.
@HUnt3r: Yeah You have to use the laser to fight the laser.
@XenoSynthetic: Or perfect for a growing tentacle face being from another reality!
@Jinx: It just made too much sense when I was trying to think of what kind of cereal he should eat!
The one about the Prometheus Lens Emergency
I know they're gonna fix it... but I couldn't not make a comic about that time when this gun was so bright.
@SuperSTEPHEN831: He left it in the middle of the damn city!