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I'm just someone living in Seattle making comics and drinking way to much coffee! I also have a gigantic bird head.
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    Jake Myler
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@SuperSTEPHEN831: That I really don't know! I think everyone got the spark because you got it if you just preordered the DLC, but in this case maybe it's only for the person you apply the code to? but then again its a download FROM the store so maybe it applies to everyone on the Xbox?
@HOW DO I LOGIN: This is the site that all my comics are hosted on:
You can create a account on there!
@Pekkakiller555: Thanks!! and Yes IB is actually quite fun despite this comic! haha But yeah I use a big cintiq but it's not available anymore. Any cintiq is good though.
Scheduling woes.
I'm actually so off schedule right now I'm not sure what the normal schedule is! I might just have this coming week be a watermelonEXO week and then next week after, back on track with new Mosscreek!
@SuperSTEPHEN831: Oh yeah Grimoire cards are gone now.. You can read them on Ishtar Collective if you're curious.
@Pigeon: Its good at least for the fact that it's all Control all the time.
Real life Iron Banner Adventures with Watermelon Exo!

This isn't the real comic btw.. I'll have a new page up soon. I actually owe y'all one this week. I hope I can make it!
@Jinx: I updated it last time? It's supposed to update today, but I haven't drawn it yet! sorry!
@Guest: haha thanks!!
@Jinx: I thought it was funny. hahah that's literally the only reason. :D
@CAMMAX008: The ultimate form would be a a big ol printed comic i think! haha I hope to do that someday!
@CAMMAX008: I don't know how, but this should be pretty easy to use website on android..I hope...
@HonorBoundFate: I got big plans for Greg! BIG PLANS!!
Part 2 of a 2 page comic I'm putting up today!

If you're here and don't know how they got out... go back to the PREVIOUS PAGE
Destiny 2
Part 1 of a 2 page comic I'm putting up today!

I've been a little busy lately with Destiny2 out and all. Sorry for any delays this may have caused! Watermelon and Greg still trying to escape, but I hope you've long since escaped Gaul's assault on the last city!
@Eyebal: Oh wow thank you!!! that is really kind of you and im glad you're wearing the shader!! Spread the love!!
@Tim Tom: aww that sucks!!
@Becca: It's supposed to come out every wednesday.. but this time it's got an extra page so im a tad late. I might put it up on saturday. (or monday)
@Pekkakiller555: If you didn't make it in, just go again to that link above and then click join clan.