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I'm just someone living in Seattle making comics and drinking way to much coffee! I also have a gigantic bird head.
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    Jake Myler
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@BladeBarrageExo: I knowwww I'm buckling down and finishing this never ending dog and cat pics that I've been doing for the last 2 months. SOON!
@kell of de: I posted this Dec 2nd though! But then I got swamped with doing about 40 dog and cat guardian commissions! I've had the next watermelon Exo page planned out though this whole time. AHHHHH
@Arcstrider Exo: Is that an example?! That looks great!
@BladeBarrageExo: yeah sure go ahead! haha
@BladeBarrageExo: VERY!!
@Leprodus: Yeah Im not sure if I want to continue the comic... Also... I did a fundraiser and now i have to draw about 37 commissions. BLARG!
@Guest: Yes Forsaken is basically the best Expansion to Destiny they've ever made.
@Thegamingowl: nobody wants to spoil it. It's very interesting though.
@Rjcmanus (New hunter vanguard): Thats pretty awesome!!
@BladeBarrageExo: Oh yeah I agree something with edge transit would be cool...but I think people are forgetting about that a little bit. Also I have some amazing upcoming comic pages! You will see!
@BladeBarrageExo: haha why a fish?!
@Zoilus: Thanks! yeah I have to do a major rewrite but a lot of things I'm doing at the moment are taking up all my time. I'll get to it as soon as I can though! (sorry that's not a good answer! ;_; )
@♠️Arcstrider Exo♠️: In the Dawning there's gonna be too much!
@KL12 : I'll try!!
@XenoSynthetic: I think it always breaks the forth wall here and there being comedic. haha
@Rjcmanus (New hunter vanguard): Yeah I was just thinking how i missed him!!
@Truefan108: Yep it just happened a few pages back!
Back to the boys
Sorry this has taken so long to get back to what's going on with Watermelon and Greg! (seriously played too much Destiny) I have a good couple of pages written out now that I think are pretty good! Stay tuned for more!