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I'm just someone living in Seattle making comics and drinking way to much coffee! I also have a gigantic bird head.
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    Jake Myler
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@MGT2410: I'm all sold out! But you can definitely read em all here on this site! (also my older graphic novels are available on Amazon and ebay) :D
@Heneedssomemilk : up on it! tomorrow's gonna be crazy.
@Sentinel Birb : Heya and thanks for the reading (Again)!
@Sentinel Birb : haha I wonder?!
@A Bored I.T. Guy: Hey thank you so much! You don't even begin to understand how happy this makes me to hear! Thanks for reading!!
Excerpt from Watercolor Book:

At the base of the obelisk object is a sharp wedge cut away and a stairway leading down. I’m honestly too afraid to go further or even peer over the edge into the recess. I’m surrounded by rock walls on all sides and among the company of ghosts or worse. Perhaps this is enough to appease the demon.

I’ll go further along the dotted line these relics make, and see if there are more, hopefully less creepy things to discover.
@Heneedssomemilk: thats a bummer that they release destiny the day school starts for a lot of people.
@guy: Yep and that definitely wont be me!
@♠️ Arcstrider Exo ♠️: I was frustrated until I decided to not care anymore and just put on whatever is the highest light. Now im steadily getting the gear that I like and purples are dropping and better stuff and it's getting great.
Gotta appease that Professor!
This is really the most difficult challenge I've ever encountered in all my life. I've been trying for months. Professor Willow is a harsh master!
Anyway hey again, I'm posing this comic on the Eve of Forsaken, after a lengthy break. But I want to get back into it with Watermelon Exo, maybe do more funny and less dramatic storyline. That being said, we'll soon find out where Watermelon goes next after turning his Greg the Dreg into a Eliksni Guardian. But I kinda wanted to see if anything lore wise pops up in Forsaken about Eliksni and their struggle.

Lets have fun and thank you for sticking with my little Destiny Themed Webcomic all this time!
@DAG Vex exterminator: I'm sorry I don't understand the question!! ;__; But I'm really glad that you like my comic!!
@Too lazy for a name: I've never used it. It's not a good weapon in my opinion.
@Too lazy for a name: PS4! I've never owned the Xbone
@(Insert name here): I'm so surprised that people read this comic that haven't played Destiny. But I thank them (and you)!
@Leprodus: interesting question!!!
@Annonymoose: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH YES!! I'll be in at 10am
Excerpt from Watercolor Book:

Further in, and towards the dark obelisk, I’ve noticed something about my little stalker that is distressful to me. I’m not seeing him, not directly. This whole time I’ve been seeing him in darkness or reflection, something like a ghost.

I’ve also noticed my friend always seems to be a little bit in front of my path, while, Something ELSE has been following me from behind.
@guy: You spoiling things? O_O
@♠️ Arcstrider Exo ♠️: Please try not to think these violent thoughts. Lets just see where the game story goes in a few weeks!
@♠️ Arcstrider Exo ♠️: I'm really thinking everyone should keep an open mind as to whats really going on here. I think it might not be what you expect....maybe