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I'm just someone living in Seattle making comics and drinking way to much coffee! I also have a gigantic bird head.
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    Jake Myler
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@UnknownStardust: Its is more then one person can handle!! Good luck!!!
Something is definitely there waiting for me. When I get closer to the place I feel a buzzing behind my eyes, and the shadows get darker.
@Mr Hadron: i did an update just the other day!
@SentryBeat: What it's going to be free in October.
he'll never get this armor set
Looking forward to Destiny2 Shadowkeep! So here's Watermelon 🍉 in that new Phenotype Plasticity ornament! (maybe this is out of character a little). 😅
@HonorBoundFate: Maybe, although this is from the perspective of a certain new individual so they don't know...
The density of these things seems to be centered around something in the old part of town. The dark waiting room of the city-power plant was particularly full.
@Rjcmanus (New hunter vanguard): Congrats!! It's such a good gun! Very worth getting!
@Temoraoraoraora: Its from Sword and shield! That's all I know!
@Textualfish: This is definitely creepy in itself. a...are you ok?
With some experimentation, I found stuff only appears in the pictures when the photo is taken within the valley of Mosscreek. Also more disturbing, after using the camera I can see THINGS with my own eyes for a little while after. Shadows.
@UnknownStardust: If you know where to look.
@XenoSynthetic: That's spooky foreshadowing! Hope we open all those doors on the moon that were previously closed to us! Can't wait!
@UnknownStardust: Yeah I know, but that's why it's in a special glass case in the black market. haha.
@SentryBeat: yay!! Not everyone got it!
Thinking of you Fondly
Friendship! When I heard of a moon themed DLC coming this september to Destiny I thought maybe Watermelon and Greg could meet up there (even though they're closer then they think). The moon Meme is originally from @seamachineart Thank youuuuu!!!
@Cesarin: I thought that'd be an interesting touch. like theres a history here.
@Flame Shadow: For real thank you so much!
I quit my photography class
There’s a old office building in my neighborhood, I’ve never seen anyone actually go inside or come out, and parking lot beside the place is always empty. But the lights are always on.
I stopped going to class but I have the keys to the darkroom still.
@DataJess: Thanks so much! This is definitely an experiment.