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I'm just someone living in Seattle making comics and drinking way to much coffee! I also have a gigantic bird head.
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    Jake Myler
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@UnknownStardust: Oh yeah since page 56 I've been doing line art! :D
I dunno...watermelon Exo..but he's blue!
Sorry for the little hiatus! I actually have the next page drawn but I have to ink and color it!
Also did a fundraiser where I'd draw things for people and raised 3000+ dollars for the Kids! Thanks to anyone who helped out!
See you soon cowboy!
@Silvergrommet: usually from 1-4 days!!! I'm so slow!!
@ImmuneCircus: Thank you so much for reading them!
@Guest: Oh you have to join my watermelon Exo clan on first! then its in the clan description!
@THEMANINAREDHAT: They're on a break till I rewrite the story. I didn't really like where it was going, and I wanted to make sure it was a good story. I'm trying to get inspiration i guess.
@Mr Hadron: I do a little. I'm bad about it. But I have a discord for my Destiny Clan. (Watermelon Exos)
@saltine._.gnome: Oh good idea!
I felt something watching me and looked up over my shoulder. I could see the shadow swaying back and forth on the top stairwell. I knew my trusty camera would pull it into focus.
Huggin it out
I was just having a good time thinking about what it'd be like if Greg and watermelon reunited, although I'd predict Greg would be a little more apprehensive here since he basically has no memory since being resurrected as a guardian. Loving Shadowkeep! I really hope you are!
The spider persists... I’m becoming more convinced that it’s been following me.
@UnknownStardust: Sometimes I plot it out but a lot of the time it's just something I come up with and have to draw the page! Sorry I've been slacking on the latest page too. It's drawn and everything!
@UnknownStardust: Its is more then one person can handle!! Good luck!!!
Something is definitely there waiting for me. When I get closer to the place I feel a buzzing behind my eyes, and the shadows get darker.
@Mr Hadron: i did an update just the other day!
@SentryBeat: What it's going to be free in October.
he'll never get this armor set
Looking forward to Destiny2 Shadowkeep! So here's Watermelon πŸ‰ in that new Phenotype Plasticity ornament! (maybe this is out of character a little). πŸ˜…
@HonorBoundFate: Maybe, although this is from the perspective of a certain new individual so they don't know...
The density of these things seems to be centered around something in the old part of town. The dark waiting room of the city-power plant was particularly full.
@Rjcmanus (New hunter vanguard): Congrats!! It's such a good gun! Very worth getting!