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Don't eat any of the bears either. You'll get a stomach ache from eating too much.
please let it be greg's dad
It's been freezing for like the past month here with no snow. I can't imagine needing ac right now.
I love the parallels. I also love this comic and I'm glad it updated a few months back. Somehow I missed it with work and all, but I'm glad that you're sticking with it.
This guy is so boring. It's probably because he has a creeper mustache.
I hope you're coming back soon. I've missed your updates. This story is just so amazing!
why do people want the poor horse punched?!
Every time I walk into my room when I'm not trying to scare my roommate. When I do try to scare her, it doesn't work, only when I'm not trying to. She always gasps and puts her hand to her heart. Its hilarious!
oops spelling mistake, too late :D
Happy 4th of July! Die Zombies Die should be coming back soon! Junky artwork for everybody!
thats totally damian without the evil dragon
September 15th, 2014
@NaginiFay: i thought it too
@inejwstine: yay! it's cool when i find others on smackjeeves and especially when they draw cool comics.
are you LDS? cuz it totally seems like it
this is awesome. i hope that the vampire patrol actually comes cuz that would be the best.
yay! story time again! i think joan is very luck to not get injured. maybe she should get an arrow to the knee.

You updated really fast this time. I feel really lucky now. i wish you could update this fast all of the time. :)
good for teddy. joan needed to know what really happened. i hope drake doesn't lie to her.
woops drake
an update!!!! im so happy!!!
your art style is awesome and just keeps getting better. more updates por favor.
what can we do as readers to help you update more often?
need more. plz update