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I personally like writing more than drawing, but there are times where drawing expresses more than words. I'm an on-and-off sort of person so I tend to never really finish on time or leave it aside and work on something else.
O hi ther sexy spider lady ^ u ^
another character appearance~~ Jirou's Onii-chan~~
October 16th, 2010

The artist and I(the writer) had issues with an artist who contributed to us the characters such as Akira, Chikusa and Rex- she wanted to "take" back her character so we decided to drop this series- because we were planning on publishing it soon- but we promise to you that we'll be planning on bringing this series back later on.
i'm actually surprised myself that it's uploaded after all that long hiatus too... I'm so sorry readers, we've been so busy with college, work, etc and plus Eisha having that laptop issue... But I'm glad to say that SH is back on its track :)
lol his name is hilarious, I really love your character's names *_*! They are so cute and fits them well!
I really like the two sister's name. Chamhae and Sagwa are one of my favorite fruits :)
Oh man, I can already smell the love connection between these two -U-
&&gosh no, only two of them are my works and the other two I'm just working as a writer lol!
I really like this one shot so far!
I think I might just to one shots as well, because I'm not very good with long-term comics either...
I really enjoy the paneling, its fun to read over and over <3
August 18th, 2010
I really like the story so far, I love hows shes like Error! Please use a phone lol!
aww, already being bullied~~ I hope she'll make friends :3
Wow, her braids are really long~ Mouse was her name right?
Who thought this guy was being a super good guy and save the teacher from bullies? lol-
I honestly got tired of drawing traditionally for the first three pages so I moved onto drawing from SAI- it gives me a much cleaner touch :3
I hope its not messy or anything... please read from left to right.
And yes I totally see that I made a mistake on "our" it's supposed to be out, but I'm too lazy to fix it right now -3-
I love the twin's reaction, they are so cute :3
I can't wait for this see this comic progress! It's a very interesting plot, so I really can't wait to see this comic get started :3
To be honest, I can't draw old people for life, which explains why the grandpa is only shown twice lol! And because I want everyone to know a little Korean, I decided to give small definition on certain words-- hope you like :)
I had fun drawing shit-scared Little YongSuh, I was gonna draw him peeing himself, but fail. OTL
August 12th, 2010
Tainted Soul start !
I'm not proud of the chapter one cover page, but whatever. That is YongSuh, our main character ! He doesn't seem like it, but he is a 23 year old shy high school math teacher. He has his bangs tied up, just so you know-- lol
reference of the characters in the shadows:
Oh wow... I really do wish that nerdy boy still continued... we got so much developed with 5+ arcs (Hiruma, Zodiac School, spirit, foreign and final) that are itching to come out... too bad we had to revamp ;_;