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Name ;-)
I am a random, eccentric, slightly sadistic girl with a great sense of humor! Hooray! ^o^
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*rolls eyes* She's not the brightest girl, is she? I would've DEMANDED the police to come an not leave my house 'till they do...

But that's me. XD

See you soon, Jack. >:-D
I already like him. XD
Wow. o.o
Didn't see that coming. XDDD

True, she can run now. But it's only going to make him angrier when he wakes up~
Happy Chinese New Year! ^o^


*nods* I agree with Krimsin 100%. Someone, somewhere.
You look like you're having fun. :-D
*eye twitches* Do game!!!

I loved the storyline. I loved the characters.

But this game is not worth the money it costs!

It was so short...SO short...I had so convinced myself that it was only going to be the first half of the game, that more would happen after I was done...but the game ENDED. With a "to be continued" thing!!!

*sighs* A good game to rent. And good game to buy for twenty dollars or lower. But...

I'm kinda dissapointed. :-(
My God, it's so beautiful...

This is the kind of thing I would expect to see as a published manga...

You really oughta try getting this published, btw. ~

I love it. <3
Name ;-)
December 28th, 2008
Rat poison.

Sorry, sorry, I know. That was bad taste. ^^;