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I am sparou, creator of all things sparkling!

I do things besides comics too. Please visit me also below...

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October 28th, 2009

i love everyone in it, especially riona, i dont think she's annoying!!
i agree with sydneylove. i like how you never have a chair.
August 30th, 2009
ahh! an update, an update! i was really happy to see this on my updates page!! <3 <3

nice moves, mr frowny face hat oAo but oh no leslie's money! i hope she shows that guy who's boss!!
wow! *x* this is great, the art is amazing! and yet cute! the pug is so cute!! >w< <3 <3

please update more soon!

that toilet looks a bit gross...orz
Oh wow! I totally agree with Rain, this looks totally sweet and I can't believe i didn't see it before!!!

I wanna apply...but i dunno how...can i apply?? *w*

my dead love for naruto just revived a little bit orz you're wonderful
hahaha, damien's faces make me happy >w<

oh man lilith...wat a demonic-sounding name...
I <3 your art!!! *^* take your time! i will never take you off my watch list...cause your colors make me so happy...cheer up and don't be sad! <3 <3

and darius makes a sexy catcher >w<;;; or whatever that position is i don't know anything about sports either!
this comic looks great!! i <3 ur art more and more, leggo *w* so good at drawing guys...

poor darius, both those chibis on the last page were pretty hot ^u^;;;; not in catholic school, mr. roberts! <3
August 15th, 2009
ah...leslie is getting cooler and cooler as i read more!! <3 >w< ooh, i wonder if he really is a prince?? mrs wan is cool too! haha, she's very easygoing about her lollipops being stolen...

more leslie!! *w* i hope she gets to kick some butt soon!
August 15th, 2009
ahhh! he's so cute! <3 <3 i love noodles too *w* <3 good thing i reminded you...or i'd never get to see him surrounded by shoujo bubbles!!

action is coming?? i'm excited! *u* *u*
uh oh...done...that doesn't sound like jail, devlon...;~;

amelia is so cute <3 <3
August 15th, 2009
haha...maybe it's just me, but i think realistic kasey is pretty hot, lols =u= ...but not as hot as she is in the last panel. i mean. oo la LA ;9


i'm happy, an update!! dont be sad kippi ;^; happy late birfday, milk!!!
August 15th, 2009
@kamahi: haha...well...i didn't update for a month...i'm sorry!!! OTL but i'm happy you like it anyway!

@king: i'm sorry!! i'll update as quickly as i can...

@falling: yea, i love quale's hair too!! <3 <3 ^w^ but it's small so it's hard to draw...

@Yolin: thanks for the trip wishes! it was a good trip, a little boring though cause i had to hang out with my old people and stuff...haha.

@guinea: awesooome i'm glad my bear picture was liked...haha i cheated and copied it loosely from this picture i found on google. Isn't it wonderful? It looks like a bear, but really it's a sleeping bag!! I want one...

@tenmuki: ah, i gotta get caught up commenting on sonar!! i've been gone so long...

@saruwarui: thank you!! i like your comic too, the one about baking ^w^ you should update it more! (like i can talk...orz)

@leggo: poor monster academy ;A; i think it's really dead now...well, it had a nice run ;^; oh, i like your new comic! i gotta go fav it!
August 15th, 2009
Ah...i'm so bad...
Sorry!! I am very bad! I am not very good at sticking to a schedule...;A;

It was my birthday last weekend! :D Happy birthday to me! I wonder if I should give Avoliss a birthday...i bet she'd have a summer birthday <3

I am excited about what's gonna happen soon. If only I can draw the next three pages quickly...*x* excited!!
looool i'm sorry this is the most confusing page ever =w= like i can count five things about this page that are confusing...because this was just supposed to be a bad joke but then i kept drawing...=u=

anyway up in the corner it says 5 minutes earlier.

hey, have you seen that smackjeeves is on fb??? but i'm kinda scared to post who i i'm shy =w= it's kinda cool, i wonder if fb might make a con someday...
it's the look of disapproval!!!!!!

OTL!! sorry!!

i...tried to finish it last night but it was too hot and I fell asleep!!

I POSTED A PAGE =u= ...xwx *exhausted*

this was halfway done from a looooooooooong time ago...

tenmuki, i hope it's ok...i wonder now if he would have gotten mad instead...well, you can make whatever you want happen after that!! xwx;;;

i'll post the meme next~<3 next couple days~
;A; byebye airi....waaaa....thanksu for playing with us a little!! ;m; good luck on stuffs!

HI LEGGO good to see everyone's not're a very sleepy collab. OKAY THAT SETTLES IT even though it's 105 degrees over here, i'll go draw for this! i wonder if i should make a monster acad meme. i like memes...=w=;;

105's 105 degrees...even my sweat is sweating...