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Just a silly college student who can't get a job.

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...Order is a little screwy to read. Top, then the smaller of the two bottom ones (left) before the larger, and in the last it's the small text in the middle, then the double (bottom left), then the bottom right. In case anyone got confused (I wouldn't blame you.)

Yay, river and mountains and trees.
December 22nd, 2011
@anon guest: How are they colorful shapes if the page is in black and white?

Anyway, nice page as always. My, isn't he standoffish?
December 20th, 2011
Winter breeeeeaaaaak. TG.

Oh, Fable. No grace, no tact. Just shoves everything out of his way.
The way all the balloons are connected, I skipped over the second and third panels and went to the fourth. Other than that, great work. =)
November 15th, 2011
You drew the cape to be reminiscent of bird wings? Anyway, very lovely splash.
Nice motion. <3
It can't be helped.
Wasn't happy with it (hence the delay...) So I redrew almost everything digitally. Just in case you want to know why the lines are scribblier than usual.

But I like it now! That's what's important. =D And more updates within a few days.
September 10th, 2011
Ahem. I hate August; that's all I can say.
I yawned about thirty times on panel one. -___- Brains are dumb.
<3 This turned out nice, IMO.
New feature, you can use arrow keys to navigate back and forth pages. I still need to shove in some text notice of that somewhere, so people are aware... Attempted a new layout, but it failed miserably and I gave up. I'm not any good with css. I want to grab a brush and just paint what I want done directly onto my monitor screen. D=<

Well, gray is nice, isn't it? La la la.
Back from hiatus. Starting a new chapter; it was suddenly decided. We start with a one-page backstory from twenty years or so ago.

>__< If I could draw, you'd be able to tell that, for one, this is Kallymi, and for two, that in the last panel she lays a hand on her belly.

Also, take this:

EDIT: Tone was bothering me, redid it with value painting. I think this works better for me.
Two weeks since last update. DDD= Sorry.
That sky... <3<3

Yelling man is Narac (Fable's father, current king of Symphoriam.) (In case you didn't recall.) Other two characters here are fodder.

Yes, I wake up at first light. xD G'morning.
<3<3<3 That means a lot to me. Thanks, and I'm glad you're enjoying it.
See Spot. See Spot jump.

Relationship dynamics-- It's almost like I'm writing a shoujo! =o (Male readers, hang on a few pages.)
Not happy with panel 2... It's his "being sweet" face.
There's a bird in the tree. =o