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I want to see this happen... like now. xD
Someone do it! D:<

I would, if I were a reviewer.
This is looooove :D <3
This... is amazing.
Fav'd xD
Haaaa~ XD
I'm being forced to go see that when it comes out. ; -;

Save me sempai. D:
Thanks Malakite, now I know every detail of what I need to improve on. :)
And, I realized that maybe I should of asked for a review AFTER I introduced those important points, which were supposed to come in the next few pages.
I think that remaking these first pages before I continue on with the story would be a good plan ^^;; as well as adding a new link for the author comic.
The first couple pages were actually a bit too big for the scanner (lol), but I think my new sketchbook should do the job for the new pages.
And going back to the "I should have waited to ask for a review", there's actually a lot more to Proto than "Typical Emo" lololol. It just hasn't been introduced yet. XD
So wow... thanks a lot for the insightful review Malakite. A harsh and to the point review is better than anything else I could have asked for in this case. :)

...At least I know my grammar and spelling are good. Lol.
Panel #2...
I. Am. A. Sucker. For chibi style <3
Le fave'd <3 <3 <3
There was a hole in that ^_^ But I understand, and I'll keep trying my best to improve... on everything I guess, while I wait. :)
You guys keep doin' what your doin'~ :)
Quick Question ^_^
Not to sound rude or whiny or anything, but I'm wondering, how come you guys don't do reviews by order of inquiry? =/

Because there are some really beautiful comics in that list that look like they've been ignored, as well as all of the comics that have JUST asked get snatched up and called immediately. Well, SOME of them. Just curious.
That comic scarred me for life, I utterly regret taking a look at it, to be frank.

But I really hope that somehow she can improve... ^_^ for all of our sakes O.o
Ahaha, I immediately thought Flapjack XD
Ah, inspiration. :3

Great job with this, it really made me laugh! XD <3

If no one minds, I would like a review. C:

It's on hiatus, and some plot-points have not been introduced yet, but I'm already improving it while on hiatus.
@Cherri: Indeed!

@Mamo: ...Unless Ari goes all angst-bitch on him like he's prone to doing.

@Pokemon?: Haha, thank you! =D

...hahahaha, why in hell did my author comment say left to right? XD I draw right-to-left reading comics. XD
...I feel like I started a new age. :>
3rd panel for the win! XD
Also. Someone help the couch cushion kthx T^T
"-Sammy- put flowers in me! <3
-Marcus" XD
How cute~ +Fav! =D
AGAHHAGAGAGH - Right to Left pl0x.
OK. This page took me like a half an hour and I rushed oh I rushed ohmygodIfail. D:
Up side, I started using screentones. Screentones make everything look sexy, no?
Oh yes, Ari, you're so polite. You totally ignored the shopkeep but you closed the door behind you. XD

Also. My art fails. D:
My new Glider-inspired style is conflicting with my old badly-proportioned Proto-X-San style. Dx
Hmmm k
Have fun! =D