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Hi. Just interested in making comics. Not great at it, but it's a hobby.
I feel stupid now...
Looking at these matchups, they all have really good story significance and it makes me realize if I'd been thinking about the quarterfinal matchups, predicting the winners of the last round would've been insanely easy as these matchups just make too much sense.
As a result, I also think I know the winners here. Though to be fair, I think we all know the winners of each match here on in. Or maybe it's just me and I'm a warlock. I dunno.
Never liked that Hydreigon. It is a pretty well known fact that thing is broken since it has the stats of something upper 60s, possibly 70 yet it's level is 50s(you know, before it should even be able to evolve).
Ghetsis is the most evil bad guy in the Pokémon series since he's actually straight up cheating and breaking the rules of the coding.
This was fantastic. Thank you so much for such a lovely adventure!
I'll be certain to continue to follow any future endeavors I see you up to.
Have a great day! :D
Haven't commented yet, so I felt I should as I've finally caught up and I must say this is up there as one of the best and most creative nuzlockes around.
The only others that come to mind with this level of fun and creativity are the original and Kynim's! Tis a shame to see we aren't hitting Kanto but I also understand making a comic is a daunting task.
Glad to have read it all and will be here right up to the very end! Cheers!
Wow. Way to go Cossack. You were an asshat, and you got a child's personal navi killed because you didn't know when to keep quiet.
Way to goooo.
Andy's going to be torn up.
I was preparing for Rex to go with all his damage.
I'm sorry...
But even with determination we're talking about one of the lowest ranking NetNavis taking on one of the series toughest.
No amount of pep talks is going to convince me Shadowman isn't going to win.
I found it because of the original Nuzlocke comic.
I first found Nuzlockes through word of mouth and started watching them thanks to ProJared's FireRed run.
I got curious where it all started, found the very original website, which also has a number of recommended nuzlocke comics and your Diamond/Pearl comic series was actually virtually the most recommended by everyone so I gave that a shot and loved it.
From there I heard you had a sequel and I looked for it, found it, and here I am and I must say you are one of my favorite Nuzlocke runs(both)for how great the art is, your story telling, getting me invested, etc.
I'd say you likely take the #2 and 3 spots(believe it or not my #1 would be PeanutButter Gamer's just because he was 100% unfamiliar with Pokémon and it resulted in a nonstop tense atmosphere, most notably his battle with the Elite 4/Champion being some of the best matches I've ever seen for enjoyability)
This is one fight where it's less about who will win and how well the fight plays out. Because being serious, there can only be one outcome.
These are not tears! They are watery vagabonds that seek adventure!
Go forth and seek adventure and glory!
Let it go already!
Are you setting up Chipo and Poesie to break our hearts when one dies at the Elite 4?
I have this terrible feeling that's going to happen...
I'mma give you credit here, this is probably the nicest and most unique way of saying we lost somebody in a nuzlocke.
Masayume Chasing? Cosmic Love? The Saltwater Room? And more? You have great taste in music.
And now I await the next page when we begin...
This can work because the Anti-Aqua doesn't necessarily get rid of the Aqua Style but punishes and damages Mega Man for uses anything Aqua based and so Mega Man forced himself out of the style to avoid further damage.
Did I do a good?
I must say, from the smackjeeves page the first panel looked like a super fat Samus to me.

Go Mega Man!
I think I've noticed everyone who catches an Oddish goes through a few phases.
Phase 1: Never used one before.
Phase 2: Aw man, this thing is weak let's put it near the back of the party.
Phase 3: Actually uses Oddish after a touch of leveling.
Phase 4: Holy crap, Oddish is beastly.
Gosh darn it Chipotle is gonna die at Misty's aren't they?
I agree but at the same time understand that if they were 100% smart, we often wouldn't have a show/movie/book/game.
But there are limits to the stupidity that will be tolerated.
Is this run including the Legendary or are you going to refuse the dragon?
Also for speculation it's hard to say but at these levels there is no way everyone gets out 100% fine considering the final final boss and a certain game breaking/cheating Pokémon in his party...