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I'm just trying to get back here stop banning me Smackjeeves, I'm innocent, :<
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Yes I agree with the two above
but the gay guy or the drunken Rat is still hilarious .o.
Other than the choking of my fries
I lol'd
YEah I know we've Moved
So you noobs don't get lost ;_; also ACCEPT APP PLZ ;_;
I'm going to molest you ;o;
Guest comic ;_; ;_; do it or goes on Saz
Idea from Neroe
It had to be done 3:
Neo's Idea
but I did it for the lulz
Now that I now has non proxy account
I shall actually fave this commic and raise its popularity ;_;
Rover sez
He Needs more shading around the bottom of his head rather than the top of his head
To: Ren
Its because It is, I know who the troll is, Don't know why he hasn't figured out that Image was purposely made to get me banned
Rover Is a fgt for fergeting
Fail troll is Fail
Thank you Smackjeeves
I don't have to used proxy no more.

oh and hello again