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I am a lover of games and anime with an office job and anime and games as hobbies.
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Sorry, no.

I wish I did. I'm hoping switching my broken pen tip will get my own juices flowing again but I've no idea...

Any suggestions for me?
@Amyrose98005: Thank you for reading and for the eagerness. I`m experiencing a burn out right now, so I can`t finish this right now. But I will soon. We`re close to the end.
September 28th, 2017
glad to have this back!
September 28th, 2017
I feel burned out too... stopped drawing and writing everything I was doing for no reason a couple of months ago.
Again, Dejavu anyone? Now with a end of conversation different from "a city has just been ahnihalated".
Dejavu anyone?

@HyperShadow: lol yeah he is.
Off he goes.
Surprise surprise he made the right choice.

Godspeed Metal Sonic Edge. It was fun talking to you. And Making you. And drawing you too.

On a side note I think we can safely say this comic's update date is now tuesday...
Yes, Metal Sonic Edge.
I fixed it. Because I'm the author. Abd because I hate End of Evangelion.
that is the city Metal Sonic Edge destroyed when he began his experiments. Yes, it is intact.

Again, Deus Ex Machina anyone?
Deus Ex Machina anyone?
oh hey!
you're on smackjeeves too! Rock on!
Ladies and gentlemen, I have broken the fourth wall inside a fourth wall breaking bit... How many broken walls is that?

Anyway, sorry I'm late, I once again spaced out... too long without updating.
Hey hey hey!
Here it is and I am very giddy that this is finally reaching its conclusion.
Good Lord I'm sorry!
I'm so sorry I'm late!!! I totally forgot about updating... Yes, I wasn't even late, I actually forgot... guess I need to get used to update every monday again.

I'm still talking to Metal Sonic Edge and nearing its conclusion.
@RoninHunt0987: LOL yeah, I always thought it was strange Evangelion called its chapters `stages'.
And Stage 2 is over.
I didn't use a pander page like this last stage/on the first stage because I usually hate pander pages. But this kind of fits with the spirit of an Evangelion comcic.

I really wanted to finish this before I went on my "I`m moving and then getting married" hyatus... But of course I couldn't.

Well, at least now, this time before Stage 3 starts (I need to sketch stage 3) won't take too long. Why? Because Stage 3 is, as I already mentioned, Third impact. So it will mostly be destruction, and I don't sketch the pre made images, I just google them. I love google. :)

I will see you guys soon.

art and concept @ me
images @ found on google
story @ GamerJay
predator @ fox
Evangelion @ Gainax
There you go.
There you go. The next page is the last of this stage, and it's also just snow. So it will come tomorrow again.

And with this stage done there will once again be a short hyatus as I make the sketch of the next stage, whixh is already written. In fact, most of this story is already written because this is based on a fanfic by GamerJay and me and GamerJay have already written a lot of it.

Anyway, enjoy. And Yes that is (EDIT) Adam, even though it looks like Lilith. He hasn`t been activated yet, so it has not returned to an embryo state and it looks very similar to Lilith. And yes, Doctor yosuke Katsuragi is heading there with his daughter, so, yes next chapter is second impact. On a universe with the predators.

I had to make a correction, make it Adam because I first thought it was Lilith.... yeah sorry, my Eva wiki was rusty...

art and concept @ me
images @ found on google
story @ GamerJay
predator @ fox
Evangelion @ Gainax
No video of me making this or the next page guys, sorry.

This one took a little longer for me because of work and because this actually depended on the next page. You will see why tomorrow (Yes, tomorrow, next page is already done).

It's good to be back :D

art and concept @ me
images @ found on google
story @ GamerJay
predator @ fox
Evangelion @ Gainax
Good Lord it feels Good to be back! Once again thank you for sticking by and if you're new here, welcome!

Enjoy it guys!

Ahem, yeah, here's the page. My little talk with Metal Sonic Edge will go on a little longer and then... well you'll see. Sorry for updating Deviant Art and forgetting smackjeeves.
I'm back baby!
YES! Sonic Farsight and Evangelion:Lord of Star Demons are returning soon.

More specifically they're coming back next week's monday, on the 5th of June!

Thank you for sticking around guys, anmd if you're new, WELCOME! I hope you guys enjoy reading both of my comics!