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The worst of goodbyes, but hopefully not one that is ending for the best of time spent. But a good new beginning for them.
Ooof, a nasty bird-strike!
I wonder when he's going to drop the bombshell of the deer saving him from the rabid squirrel?

Still, friend recommended to this gem of a comic. And glad to catch up on it.
@Fidchell: I will second that. Dang!

This really has upped the art muscles you have. It kept looking so natural each update, i did not see it.
@MercenaryX: He's practicing chiropracty!

Just getting all those awful stress spots out of the body for good.
I want to bet that toilet squid is doing really really well with this.
When the boss of the floor starts looking like a voltorb in a nuzlocke run.

Great distances are advised between you and them...
This is not a happy leech seed. Not by a darn long shot..
She is continuing to get more and more stony, rather than crystal aspected.

Very very worrying..
Holy heck! When you chip a sandslash's claws with a blow, thats a mollywhopper..

Still, i'm hoping the incineroar and the companions will help with whats happened to their boss.
This! is exactly why its great to have protect in team battles.

Also, love the pictured high pitched PING! here, though chipping a nail cant be fun.
Right. All aboard the train to Nopeville.

Now boarding! All aboaaaard!
Beyond the "That has to sting..." and "Thats going to make munching tricky" is the sympathetic "Medic!"

Still, ooofle on this page.
You can enjoy the view, its nice.

And offer a nice bit of talk for things on the whole gloom and doom construct he fell into..
hehe, I rather love this panel. Its such a nice little moment you smile with.
She doesn't seem to have rested remotely well. The choice of nightmares that linger. Though wasn't there a second one with her when she appeared last?

Where everyone looks away, he's watching and reading her. Sneaky little aura readers.
@LittleMoons: And been far far worse for it. She darn well looks like she had a round or twelve with a golem going downhill.
@Koren: Yes, that such adorable fluffy cute.
Homes, bane of non-architects for generations.
I love the snake rolling its eyes in the next to last panel. That noodle just has such expressive eyes.