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@LittleMoons: And been far far worse for it. She darn well looks like she had a round or twelve with a golem going downhill.
@Koren: Yes, that such adorable fluffy cute.
Homes, bane of non-architects for generations.
I love the snake rolling its eyes in the next to last panel. That noodle just has such expressive eyes.
It's nice to get an open view like this.

I get the understanding, and if i could support more, i would.

Sadly, I do share the cute and adorable you do as best I can. And enjoy this comic for all the fun pokes and side steps it does on the tropes.

Bravo and well done!
Love how chill the noodles all about are.

Just going and relaxing, not minding the fellow clanking through.
Is it me, or are the crystals going further in to things for his shoulder? As if trying to hide for or from things?
This is how you tell you've got an amazing friend.

You can bet inga would help her bury bodies, and have a happy smile doing it.
All we need now is an earth shattering *CRUNCH* or a poof and a "I'll get you next time!"
It's like how you have any vtol craft.

You flare up, and forward to bleed forward momentum, so you arent pushing, but shoving against your directed momentum.

You carried that clearly in this. Its just we tend to think of this more as a car in look than very very low flying aircraft which it more so.

Still, owch! and that THUD carried a heck of a lot of weight..
I do believe she's filched his little tricks and whistles.

He's not really hearing the ref, he's looking for his stuff.

Note three pages back, how she lands. if you took a tumble like that, wouldnt your hand be open?
I wonder if he wont use the stone at this point, and give the same retort with the immunity to stuff he can do.
Now this is interesting. For a variety of reasons. You see experience talking, some being that has been there, and done that. It's neat difference. Of youthful idealism, vs, realistic experience.

And a different take than many do.
That snoz of the hypno could do a spitting image of sam from the muppets and not be misplaced.. And sadly that is how i'm going to be hearing him from now on.
Haha, The right treasure to take out of that one!
He likely hitched a ride in bag instead of the loot didnt he?
Brownies make everything better just about. Don't you go knocking them. But heh, even the monster loves them.
A foot of acid is a very bad unit of measurement, not to mention painful!
Thud is never good. Ow, however, somewhat is, maybe yes, maybe no on walking away. Limping, far more likely.
Uh oh, the dreaded nat 1 rears its ugly head...

Roll well brave party, roll well.