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I like things such as: Reading, adult cartoons (and I don't mean H but I do mean that too)BL, Yaoi, Parodies that aren't extremely overdone, canon-ness, Pokemon, Nintendo, music, headphones, normally self conscious girls, crack/kink, baking!, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, DBZ, YYH, Fruits Basket, Zombie Powder, Lucky Star, FLCL, reading, CATS!, purple and then some...

I'm working on a few comics knida sorta. They're still in the writing proccess, slowing working over to the drawing board.
If anyone has any tips or advice for drawing better it'd be greatly appreciated as I have little cofidence in my drawing skills.
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January 11th, 2012
Lovin iiiiiiiiiiit! :D Also, I pressed next and the button disappeared. o_o
November 7th, 2011
Zebras's so cute with his hair slicked back!
Yay more pretty pictures!
I love that Tommy and Cain can have this time to talk and rub emotions together. :3
This shite is just tooooooooo funny, the page+comments it's just blowing my already perverted mind. XD <3
Aww I can't wait to see their future unfold! <3
Brilliant work as always one questero , there's going to be a lot Cain coming up isn't there? I sure hope so our else all the foreshadowing will be for non!
@mango: Love the D18 happening in your icon.
@Oliver-san: I too want to nuzzle the Dake belly. :3
I love that Tommy looks so innocent upon first opening the magazine.
Though I realize I would want to read it even if someone was trying to hide it from me. :P
Also, love for your serious cool business tattoo. Isee sooo many folks getting tats just for the hell of it with cheap shoddy work. Kudos my friend. <3
Laaaaaaawl @Tommy's derp faceface and Dake not wanting his hands to fall off to porn. X3
Ooooooooh I'm gonna paint you up something fierce!...and funny I hope. :3
Also, a sister Finally remembering his name now ohshite!
Lawl. I want to wait to say it but I'll prolly forget so: What a twist! XD
Also love the lineart. -3-
June 11th, 2011
They seem like a pretty reserved family.
June 7th, 2011
Now Zebra has to make the tough decision.
Draco is so blushy and cute, then with one breath he gets all sexy! >:3
I really have to thank you for sharing your wonderful art with us. Your shadowing is great and it keeps getting better! ;3 Also this plot is proceeding quite well, I live the foreshadowing and that it doesn't take forever for you to get to it.

Oh, + foreskin god is sexay.
Me thinks...
This page should be called "Giant Fucking Church". :3
The shit is about to hit tha fan!
Dude, the vote incentive reminds me of A Pixar Story. I have it on Netflix yet I still haven't watched it.
Also, I'm loving where the plot is going. I knew Eishya couldn't resist saving someone, especially now that she knows the awful, sad truth! This is gonna be good! :B
....I would still want to try and play it. XD
Or just mix some of the cards in to make a MONSTER MUNCHKIN deck. MUAHAHA!:3
They should be called Double H Threat if they live together. :P
Then Double H & G! when Gra'an comes over. XD
Also, what they said in the first 3 comments. Seriously took all my words. Love where this plot is going, LOVE IT!!!
Tommy is going to shite a brick if his dad really asks him to take over as king.
Something special you say Alex?
time to hop on...THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS!! XD
There should be a Ms. Frizzle cat. :3