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Hi Guys! Im yori, A student with a DREAM!!! All the nights when I fall sleep :3

^^ I love the yaoi, shonen, and sometimes shojo( T^T I always see shojo with stupid girls and I hate it!)

:3 You can call me yori, yori-chan, yori-sama ( I wish xD) Yori-san Yori-kun, All you want!

Im really thinking to put a comic here, xD Still in doubt lol

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    Yori to you :D
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:O A new comic! DAMN I want the continue soooo BAD!
My god, your comic amazed me! xD I really REALLY like the Style and Story!! How I live the principal. He makes me laugh too hard sometimes, :D I'll wait to the next page.

:( So shame they're not going to be in the next season.
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo It ended so nice D:!! Damn you. I still need to do a Fanart of Noah! If you are still interested watch me in deviant in my new account, just search for Xadanny. I just want to know more Stories of you, I loved this one dammit! xD And you've improve your darwing skill! :D For sure.

Well see you and you know, If you want somethign just tell me ^^ I will glad to make you cute pictures
Hey hey hey hey!!!
:D Look at my gallery in DA!!

:) Hope you like it!
Hey! I like How is the comic going.

By the way I made a Fanart of sinclaire if you want to see it please search in DA Sinclaire brotherly love!

^^ Hope u like the Pic!

8D grey is awesome by the way
This comic is interesting to me! ^^ I've fav you to see the updates. Nice art
I didn't see this comic for a while and then I found a lot of updates! you make me happy today!

^^ I love your Story, It makes me want to draw them in my style, seriously!
I really love your comic! xD I laughed a lot with their new boss, I just love him hahaha

I'll be waiting for the next chapter OwO
It looks interesting! ^^ I wanna See what is the comic about!
I piss my pants when I saw the last panel, xD Funny!

Waiting for more!
I love your comic a lot! Is so interesting and all the details are impressive!

I'll wait for the next update
God! xD Your comic is Awesome! And I love zack! Is really funny!
It looks interesting! I want to know what will happen next!

Fav your comic BTW xD
OMG This was really funny!! XD

"Augh Wthell is this a paper plane!? Argh!!" I don't know why but that kill me xD
I like your style! ^^ I hope to see more
What is the program do you use to do that backgrounds?? >w< Are Awesome!!

I just need it because I want to make a comic and put it here. ^^ If you can tell me It will be really helpfull!
Lolz xD That was good!

I like that picture! XD He's an Artist!
Your comic is Awesome! The way you draw is really nice! ^^