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Grey wolf
Myself: I'm a furry baptist.
I am an advent video gamer.
Zombies equal awesome! (Yet they scare the crap out of me)
I love art and drawing, so, of course I had to join Smackjeeves.
I have been on for about two years I think... yeah...

Personality: I am very friendly and fun loving.
Though my humor is a bit...como se dise... odd.

Avatar: Winter Denki

P.S. Furries are awesome!
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    Denki Wolf
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Crap, I'm in tears.
That was a beautiful, and sad ending.
Your comic is amazing!
You really made me feel what she was feeling at´╗┐ the time.
I can't wait for HG.
I haven't read a single one that has come close to as good as your's.
Keep up the great work, and best of luck with HG.
I think I had about the same reaction as Locke did, "No, no, no, no, no, no...YES!"
My Ressurection Day Filler!
Oh man!
I nearlly missed todays update.
Good thing too, because I have no further update.
Hope you guys like this picture.
Lost, but not lost in Spirit!
Lol, I wonder if anyone will get the joke.
Anyways, that guy in black, yup he's the preacher.

Oh, and if you are wondering about the little animals, I will fill you in later in the comic.
Grey wolf
April 4th, 2011
Great Comic!
You are doing a great job.
It looks great, and the stories are very well thought out.
I even like how you incorporated Religion without doing some stupid joke along with it.
I am a Christian, so when I see someone who isn't a Christian, being able to be respectful like that, it makes me very happy to see it.
I just go by the fact that I respect what you believe, so please, respect what I believe.

Anyways excellent comic!
I sure hope Rhino will be ok, and stop messing with Mongoose.
She and her family too cool for someone to hate them.
Sorry, sorry, sorry!
I got an EXTREMELY late post, but it is still a post non the less.
I am going to speed back up.
The stuff that has been happening has almost completely ended.
So I have better time to do this comic.
I so glad!
I had to reload this one because of prier posting problems.
Hopefully this will fix it.
New File, New Format, New Sorry's. XD
First, sorry for missing the update, I am going to work on making Fillers for days I mess up and can't get a new update.

Second, I have to use Corel Painter instead of Photoshop, because Elements sucks, and so the file is saved as a .Gif.
don't know why, but Corel will not let me save in .Png for some reason.
I can change it, but I want to see the quality of .Gif to decide if it is worth it to change it.

Third, I like the Black outline.
Just makes it look more interesting.
Brings out the panels more.

Also, new size.
...I still don't get it...Guess I'm just not watching the same animes you are.
The fight I always meant to draw...
For all of you who are fans from before, I am truly sorry for never getting to the fight.
But, now I have it at the start, specially dedicated to you guys.
Part 1
Not much to say, except sorry for missing the original posting date.
*Raises hand* Got Raikou already.
Waiting for this coming week for Entei.
It's not on the normal update day, but that's because it is an opening picture.
I'm kind of iffy on it...
Telly me what you think.
I can't blame him.
Sometimes acronym's can tell a 100 page story.
Kind of a blast from the past for the ones who saw the original.
Though this dream sequence takes 3 pages, and isn't thrown together in the middle of class.

This had to be posted on Deviant art to shink it's size.
That is a link to my Deviant art page.
And no, I am not going to post the comic there first before here.
I am so happy.
This is a grand day.
The day this comic finally starts back up.
It has been a long Hiatus, and I am sorry for the fans that I have lost in that time.
But I am so happy for all the ones to stay.
Thanks, all of you.
Wish me luck!

Also, new start, new avatar.
Just feels right.
Grey wolf
December 4th, 2010
Sure as hell hope so...
Yeah, i'm prototype all the way.
Funny enough, I have failed the tutorial.
It was my first time with Yellow, and Pikachu was pissed!
Gotta start some way I guess.
That is why I love my Mac so.