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in love with a girl named Taylor
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Chaos House
This is another small story I made in the comics a while back, I call it Chaos House, first time I'm giving it a name... and yes I know what Mr. Ghost looks like >.>
I like UFOs... So much, that in 8th grade I made a whole comic series about this guy in the comic who jacked a UFO... oh yeah, the guy's name is "Dude"
Yes it is
Stickfigures, don't care if you like or not, I happen to like stickfigures too, but it will change, eventually, when I go through all the stickfigure stories I originally made >.>

then it dramatically improves
i dont know how to tone o.o i wanna help though
cool ^.^
i sense a pl0x in the works
no one put me down for animal war o.o
^.^ alright XP

the sad part is that Mr Bubble and Mr Ghost come back later XP i just havent gotten to it yet *facepalms*
October 7th, 2009
i love this comic, its so silly and funny, but cool at the same time XP
October 7th, 2009
HAHAHA that made me laugh so hard

couldnt help it... People... aren't we supposed to be UNbiased? a comic is a comic, it is our job to read and review it, not discuss whether it is better or not. Even if i like hand drawn more than sprite, ive done sprites back in the day and my hand drawn one doesnt have the best art (though it has its moments XP) and has 3 fans for alll 50 pages of it XP <--- T_T

it doesnt matter, i still read and review both types of comics. How about you stop judging it on type of comic (Sprite or Hand Drawn) and start judging it on the Writing?

this took
forever... no wait... about... 20-30 minutes lol
gasp, its roby bang, the person it says is going to do my comics... be sure to read the newest updates when u do mine XP ;D
interestingly enough, after a while, i started to have a desire to draw my comic again, but when i realized that someone was going to review it and was assigned to it...

i got the incentive i needed to do it XP
i made this page because i could imagine the next one im going to make and couldnt help it, i had to make some way getting to it
I havent reviewed in a while... I will take Animal War ^.^ *is going to read and review and stay in staff*
yeah i probably misspelled that
you know, that big word, i probably misspelled it *shrugs*
FINALLY an update
not that many really read this... but i finally got off my ass and updated!!!
it looks coool!!! *hides* sorry you had to draw it 5 times
the squished version in the banner (i think its squished) looks eviler XP