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I am a an independent comic book artist. I have developed my own small comic book company.I am always looking for new comic books to read and artists to collaborate with. I am associated with many writers who are looking for good artists. give me shout if you are also looking for a good writer.
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chivalry is dead... yes or no?
Pixie gets dissed. How do you all feel about the cat prince thus far? he has proven that chivalry is dead, but is it really? My boyfriend is very chivalrous. He opens the car door and sometimes pulls out chairs and often opens doors for me. Even if your single do you expect to be chivalrous? If you are a lady do you want a chivalrous man? Let me know how you want your prince to be. I may model one of the princes to be that guy. See you next week.
what kind of clubs or hobbies do you take part in?
just trying to get a feel for your interests... I have always been apart of my colleges gaming club and in my spare time I draw. not as much drawing happens as I would like, but I am looking forward to picking up the habit again now that I am not employed full-time any more. I also play music in my spare time but I am in no way a musician or a songstress. I just really like to create music. I have a sound cloud account where your can hear some of my mind doodles :) . share your interests below I really would like to know more about my audience. see you next week...
Have you been bullied?
in this page Pixie is being pushed around for trying to get close to the ho guys in school. has that ever happened to you? share your experiences and I will post a special fan art next week.
who is your favorite billionaire boy?
heavender is actually my favorite... I will most likely be making spin off chapters about the other billionaires including my favorite guy: Heavender.
Still trying to figure out a good day to post online on a regular basis. Please bare with me.
sorry for the wait...
I was too busy to upload. but I will be posting three pages this week to make up for the last two weeks. Please don't forget to rate and comment!
nice work!
I like where this story is going! I could become a fan :)
This story will be up dated weekly. if I get a better response I may post more pages than once per week. thanks :)
sorry for the wait been busy during the xmas season with work and school... glad to be back!
love the colors!
how did you color this comic? it looks awesome!look forward to seeing more!
from the artist
I actually made this with pen... no pencil art at all. please rate so I know that I am going some where with this title. If not I can post another...