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Hi... I like some stuff and hate other stuff...
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Typo in second bubble, says one instead of once
Loving the story as always.

Heads up though: it's "But a page from the book was torn" not thorn.
He really needs to learn to put his pokemon back in their pokeballs, at least the creepy fish
poor dt
I've actually had to turn off the exp. share in my pokemon Y because they got way too high and nearly wouldn't listen to me
just glad you're back, i love your comic
love his face in the last panel, its a cross between oops and dake-is-going-to-kill-me
You know you will never get that lucky
Kiss him!
@Feedback: Well isn't that the way we all play the game when something uses bide?

"Can I kill it in two turns or should I sit here and do a little dance while I wait for bide to run it's course?"
You're right handed, I can tell by the slant of most of your lanes on Bob.
Anyone else notice that Artty hasn't been smoking as much?
I love the last panel. Tommy's face.
Omg, yes take his jumper and get him into something more trainery!
You should of named it a Rain Check X3
You are just having fun killing everyone off. You're like Mass Effect 3>.> lol
I feel your pain, I just finished my last exam today.. no idea how I did... good luck on yours.
I would donate but my insurance is due Q.q I know how you feel though, I lost my kitty about a year ago to groundhogs.