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Name: Leon
Age: 25
Act: Animal Tamer/ Strongman
Background/Peronality: Was born in africa, after his strange appearance, and the death of his mother at birth, he was considered a curse of the gods, and was cast out to live in the savannah, taking up with a lion pack for most of his life. About shortly after his 19th summer with the pack, he ran into the Ringmaster, who offered him a place in his circus. With no hesitation, he took the offer taking up the job of muscle in the family. He loves to joke around, tease people and will go out on a limb for anyone he cares about.
hahahahah, man...i need that shirt...
hehe, work hard!
oh the last two panels are a win my dear absolute WIN
You are rocking my eye sockets my dear!
Okay.....was not expecting that, my mouth hung open, ive just worked 12 hours, that suddenly made the pain go away
Im leaving a comment! HAH theres a Chu on your wall!
wow shes smoking...
I love the idea of a chesire fox!! lol im a fox myself so i cheered
oh god this comic has made my day... faved
ohhhh your icon is adoraaaable, and i like the sketches *gets all set up in line to wait patiently*
teehee thats so cute in the last panel
love your story ty for sharing it with us, also your artwork style is what ive been striving for but i cant seem to get it down...
gorgious....spelling and happy belated bday
lol >_> thats how it normally sounds until you get familiar with someone else...awkward
You make me LQTMS.....i heart this comic, gay boys are fantabulous....yes.... i have my nerd in other ways but it all works out in the end...