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Pine Team
I am the Pine Team
I like Sonic,Pokemon,etc.
I am a MASTA at video games
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    ummmm......errrrr....i forgot
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Edited,here,i'll try
get rid of the medal arms,fix up the quills,and number 3

I am making my intro

EDIT:That card looks awesome,where did you get it!!!???
Pine Team
September 28th, 2009
Seaking might suck but he's cooler then you

O KNOWZ,i flamed *shot*
Pine Team
September 28th, 2009
brown guy needs actual shading,and i'd suggest putting something small on the shadow recolor,like a white cape or something,i could make it if you want

again,you don't have to if you don't want to
lol,my sis had off,so damn lucky <.<

Can i join....maybe?
lol,the quills shading is all dark and stuff

Is it supposed to be like that??
i am wth Floo,quit while i still can
Pine Team
September 28th, 2009
this comic is amazing
It is so sad and amazingly drawn,love it!!!!!Faved all the way
fix up the eyes a bit
other than that cool
Pine Team
September 23rd, 2009
wow...he wants me to become author? Get better and don't steal,then i'll decide
lolz XD
yeah,my dad died this summer T-T