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am a little boreing lieing fraud.
i lie about lieing is my biggest lie.
i try to writ stories so i can be something caus im too afraid to speak openly.
im also uneducated, unimployed, freindless, and recently learned, or rememberd old dreams.
BTW samny is a friend of myne, she wrote everything in my name.
BTW, i just started using BTW.
delete above, cus that was like 4 years ago, and i hardly ever get mail from her animore
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did that when I was 16
I used to rreally want to be someones doll:I
thats what it was like with me too,,:D
suzume's super cool
ahhh, I can soo relate to this;)xD
twas good while it lasted
nooooooooo!( no, i really like the art and storey and hourou musuka's one of my favorates too, haaa,
oh well. thanks for doing what you got done. merry christmas.
i sure hope he didnt crash again..
those are really cool colors. and fun comic
ohh bery preatty all around.
thats a good picture, heart?
that was cool, ive hardly ever seen it