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I like (and in order no less!) writing, making friends,reading, drawing, painting, horse riding, watching movies, making interesting bags, and knitting.

In actuality I'm really not as organized as my list; in fact, I think that's about the most organized thing I've ever done (short of cleaning my room once when I was sixteen, but I had gun to my head so what could I do?). I like people. People are awesome. And I love comics and mainly reading them and drooling over peoples amazing talents.
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your a great artist, and the flow is going really well, keep it up! I can't wait to read more^___^

Hmmm. Another question to ponder. If ram's have magic then...wouldn't you NOT want to try and kill them? Especially if you don't know how to wield magic or defend against it? Just a thought there O great wolf boy.


P.S. Also, Venora should be the first to be eaten >___<
Hehe. What Atticus doesn't know is that he's in the volcon death grip...^_~
I stumbled upon your comic and just thought you should know; you are a GREAT artist, so don't give up! Your story flow is great and your expressions are always so wonderful!

Kudos and hurrah's! for your friend's wolves, they are very prettyful.

Don't give up, your doing a fantastic job and I absolutely LOVE Bo; you've created a really adorable, lovable character.


p.s. Yay puck reference!
awww I feel sorry for the wittle charmander. How does a person growing up in a town full of pokemon not know at least a LITTLE about how pokemon work?

although, to be fair, I never understood why pokemon couldn't just fight without orders on what 'combo attack' to use.

GREAT art work and perspective though! Well done!

What I wanna know is what is a boy doing with girl's underwear ^_~? Hehehe