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Hey how's it goin i just had a question for the artist of beast long have u been drawing for?
uh oh who's he?
Alright the few couple pages of chapter one were rushed and i did them first even before prologue so the first 2 pages of chapter one arent so great but everything after will be good. I feel like im starting to get better at paneling. alright enjoy

-Art And Story By Paulo Pinzon
Chapter 1
Alright chapter one will be sooo awesome prologue i find wasnt too good but the story will really start to get interesting from here!

-Art And Story By Paulo Pinzon
Page releases
alright just wanted to say more pages will be comming out soon i have a few drawn i just need to ink them so i hope u guys will enjoy it. the story really picks up from here!

-Art And Story By Paulo Pinzon
This manga is about a 15 year old boy named Alex who's dream is to become King of the world so that he may spread happiness across the world. Just like his father whom he knows so little about. But first he seeks to become the strongest swordsman so that he can take on any challenge that lies ahead and defeat the King of the world in battle and take his place. Join Alex and his friends he meets along his grand Adventure in a world of Fantasy where anything can happen.

Read from Right to Left

Hope u guys enjoy i spent all night inkin these pages it is now 3:20 in the morning so tired....I had to google like a thousand temple pics just to get an idea of how i would draw that temple.

Alright im going to bed

Lol thats hilariouse adding to favs!!
Oh wow thanks man great to hear. XD I hope u enjoy the comics once i upload them. I was so excited to see what comments i got lol.
Prologue Cover
Hey again. Just got bored so i decided to add the cover page for prologue. Now this is just like the cover page except not colored so.... not much of a difference...

Now this is all me!!!
CoverPage Release
Hey people! how'z
it goin? Anyways I've just been working on the cover page. The Prologue and chapter one are commin in a couple days. I could add now but i want to add all that i have so far all together so that u guys have a few pages to read. Oh and I just wanted to say that this painting isn't all me. Since im not such a great painter im still practicing. My friend Pyroman colored The Main character and the name logo. All i did was draw and colour the outside blue and add the feathers and stuff lol. But!!From now I will be doing the coloring aswell. Wow i just realized how much work i have to do...colour,draw, story make.....oh man.... Anyways Enjoy!!