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Hihi^^, i is Fate (or Destiny)^^,

Ums..i likes reading, writing, drawing, music etc etc. and i don't likes being bored, being told what to do and face-to-face conversations. contrary to popular belief i'm rather introverted, sad to say oAo.

(this 'listing' may be changed or added to in future)

but ~i'm perfectly 'fine' online and may completely er-whack out on you when on chat^^. hope yas don't mind.^^

i constantly switch speech patterns alternating from wanna-be intellectual to total doofus/dork/'insert whatever adjective you prefer here'.

for now i'm only looking to join collab/s partly because i am rather forgetful; even when i have joined now i'd most probably frequently neglect to update, sowwies ><

and...partly because they look fun^^.

i also abhor flames and love love-absolutely adore critism and compliments^^ sometimes though, i might forget what i've learned..both the memory defect factor and pure 'carried away' taking effect =3 , pwease forgive^^.

and isn't this one of the best things you've ever seen?? ಠ‿ಠ
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lemme guess..jakan?

nicely done^^ espeically with the eye. the shiny bit actually looks real..(mine just looks like what is..white bit-_-0)

have a nice trip! we'll miss you for sure^^
pretty^^; happy (belated) valentine's day to you too^^

you're becoming fairly adept on gimp i must say. do tell me how you got that glowaround the letters...brush?

all of our styles are changing huh..meh too..i fin myself using guidelines unconsciously..and now i just use them 24/7. my poor chibis are suffering ><

*steals yash's heart lolly/rose thing*

and yay for colour~

but ken..kinda does suit the the whole -sama thingy..y'kow..the only sane one in amongst a group of insane,mad, knocked-out, suddenly genius then suddenly dumb group of wierdoes.

the laid back cool guy with the frequent headaches and sceptical expressions..

yup...ears and tail aside, kengi fits that description to a T..and well too^^;;
nays. andrea's in there. the 'i'll protect you (darling)~ ¢¾' XD

it's austin i'm missing. ><

i'm all for the idea of a church~but with school looooming in my face *literally* i might have to put off inking/editing ideas.

anybody know how to indicate motions/create special effects sing just pop-art-y style?
the 'clamtions are easy enough (flashy bubbles >D) but the motion..i'm kinda stuck on. never was good at all that anyways *sigh*

best of luck to all for 2009^^
chibi?? kawai >..<

what do you use to colour? =D
aawwww >, cuteeeeee
*steals his spotty socks*
lol thankies very muchjiesZ^^

acually the chibi's came first. it scanned it up as complete reversed O.o the orer of creation goes from left to right^^

thankies^^, glad you could tell it was blood..usually you can't..means i've improved! yays! >ww<
afterwards after 'replying' back, i kinda figured XD
i dunno..the 'go ahead fate' kinda gave it away..somehow..but then you have no reason to believe me so yup XD

i had a hunch that was all so all good.

so the thing for the friend went smoothly? yay^^
*shorrys back* >DD
lol hi miss fan^w^. i refreshed the page once and O.O new comment.

...i almost thought you were a new author, thinking '._. a new author, why didn't i know?? ><'
then went your page..and felt like an idiot -_- *sigh*

well yup i'm going eight ahead..but dunno what to do, since at the current moment i need serious paneling help. that and i'd most probably take up ages then end up sbmitting something half-quality..or less..

sorry peeps..half-asleep still..waking up early to catch a phone call three days in a row..not good. at all. o..o
lol XD fuuuu-un..we'd all turn into googly eyed digits..or ghost..before we can finally, as Aus-san (XD) say..'party' XDDD

my turn then? *thinks*
O.O *gawks*
the 'zoooooom' is so funny. XD

also, the 'austin-san' XD austin's name sure suits the -san.
..not so much his personality XDD

we completely reversed them levels didn't we XD
calling the scary, brings-death girl aki-chan.
and the nowhere near if any scariness at all -san XD

next we'd be calling i dunno...ken..? as -sama and jakan as -chin XD
wow. two comments in just as many days O.O

which is probably becasue i dozed off for two days. weekend babies >D

hmm..what to say..everybody else was doing on partner page..and i of course couldn't resist doing one tooooo >DD

and i'm very sorry i left some people out. i tried not to...but i wasn't looking at the charrie page for reference and all..

..and darn i can't even remeber my class's teacher's name from last year >, how am i supposed to rmeber all my classmates along with the 10+ charries on a single collab DXXX

*pokes bam* this is all your fault >x you made a such a heavily popular collab that attracted so many authors >PPP
*pokes pokes pokes* let's hope i get all dem charries with next filler kkies? ><


i said i'll poke and poke i shall. people, darlings, babies,..(-__-)..where has thou author bio pages gone to? please submit to bam soon so the page'll look more complete^^

..and i think that does it for all i was uspposed to pass on..till next time~ *blows a kiss* (-___-) *waves*
eh..sorry ><
i drew this upon your request for Rikki to go find Aki-chan..but i didn't mean to mess up your schedule>< sorry sorry ><

..drawn in metallicy gel pen btw so please ignore the smudgy and stuff..=_=
Purpose of This Page:

first of all sorry for posting this only now. had other things to do so could only quickly click upload then run off for other matters. :X

well then, a few things to say. Bam told meh that she'd be on hiatus for about..five? days. because of school starting and all, with credits blah blah blah ><

second. anybody notice the new layout? ..
nobody can't.
hmm, there's a new 'author' listed who's doing the layout remake for us but isn't actually an official authour. just so you know. (passing on the info from bam)


..bad bad paneling..gomen nasai minna-sama >< *bows*
its broken >< *sob sob*

*clicks madly*'s still broken >< *sob sob*
lol XD
i knew i'd like this from the cover.

mr/mrs stick-figure is teh win >DD

wrong. =D
empty space
so decided to add something in. a sort of something that ended with a design from my charrie for another collab^^;;..for some reason..
your signature looks--i was gonna say 'groovy' but then i'd sound wierd..cute maybe?..yeah that and..groovy XD
hey! your style looks familiar..maybe i've seen you before as a lurker? 'comment'..prepare for them rants again *takes big breath*

i really love the effort you put into your work. your ending result pays you much credit seeing as you use less familiar; the traditional, more sketchy strokes. the special effects and things especially capture my attention.

sadly to say, i clicked because of the one piece reference. and because i'm neither into mecha (science in general) genre cartoons, anime or otherwise, i have not the foggiest idea what's going on. which means of course,i'd have to drop my watching of this comic.

again i reassure you, your skills aren't lacking at all. like every other person out there, there's never a time when you can't improve anymore--but the way your scenes are depicted are more than enough for some people. my only problem was, this type of genre/storyline plot just wasn't my cup of tea. sorry.

but good work and keep it up. in no time, the fans'll have to be raked in. good luck^^ did all this with mouse?