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You MUST be joking! There is no way that you would DARE eating more of the MYSTIC FRUIT. It confuses and scares you!
Clearly this LAND wants to harm you in some way! No way are you going to stick around!
Your name is Wyarm, and you have a feeling that today is going to be the most EXCITING DAY OF YOUR LIFE.
You have no idea what's happening. You only know that you have gained FOUR [4] APPENDAGES.
April 17th, 2012
You are positive you never want to eat any more of that fruit again eve--...
The fruit does taste kind of nasty, you have to admit. It's the nastiest fruit you have ever tasted.
You aren't sure why you shouldn't eat the fruit, anyway.
NO: 7
Chaos Waltz(x2), negativeProximity, Jerqod, Konork, Storm, FeelingsofDisorientation, Williamcll
YES: 4
Leafsword(x10..xa lot more), negativeProximity(xhalfvotechange), Ivestorm(x-3), Storm(xpersauded), Stevedore,
Instead you eat some TASTY DIRT. Gosh, you sure do love DIRT. But you haven't had a FRUIT in so long... maybe you could have it as DESSERT?
With sure WILLPOWER you decide not to eat the FRUIT.
There is a TASTY LOOKING FRUIT that has been wandering around with your RED LANDSCAPE. They are both RED, but you can easily tell the difference because of how SOFT and FLESHY the LANDSCAPES are.
April 17th, 2012
You look up at the SKY. It is BLUE. There are CLOUDS.
And by dragon I mean worm.

And by legendary I mean not legendary at all.

And by last I mean only.

You are now the WORM. Before you is a large red landscape. Today the WORLD around you has SHIFTED a lot more than NORMAL. In fact, it appears that you've been brought into a HOLE.
April 17th, 2012
You just got done with a RAD PARTY, but you're too busy sleeping to BE YOURSELF, so...

You wish everyone would calm down! You're totally thinking about going to look for a ROCK to block the entrance and protect you, WHEN...
Hello everyone! Sorry for not updating for a while, life got away with me. I'm currently looking for a job, so I can't promise an update every single day, but I'll sure try! <3

Also, if you would like to help me out by commissioning me, check out my deviantart, tumblr, or email me. Cheers!
"The MYSTIC FRUIT made you stronger, remember?" You really wish that Thermia would relax. You're starting to feel ANXIOUS.
Yu: "Hey, you already got rid of the wolves, calm down."
Thermy: "No. That was easy, way too easy."