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I like drawing. Writing too, to a lesser extent. I also love reading manga (not watching anime) and aspire to be a creator myself one day.

Current occupation: freshman in high school.
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I'm estimating a hiatus for a week :p
Amazing! o---------o
Ahahaa. You make me feel so untalented DX I must work hard and become like you >_<
Gaah. I want to give Xin a huge hug :) Then marry him. He'd probably be rich from all those card games >:D

gooodd gawwd do you draw these by hand or on the comp? either way alternate is probably one of my favorite comics of all time :D
'cuse the terrible sparkle effect in the second speech balloon. I tried.
Le Gasp! Could I actually be first?! O_O

Anyways prettiful :) Your lineart is so neat *envy envy*

anyways I like this comic... yea :p *faves*
The style, the shading, and the detail are all so amazing :D
You are my new idol :3
hehe this comic is so cute X3 *faves*
thank yous :D
hehe sorry for so much pink XD I don't like pink too much either :p so I'm not sure why I made such a pink picture @__@
This is all I can do while exams are here.
Ironically, this took more time than a normal page.
On the other hand, my brain is too tired to think of plot instead of arty farty

enjoy or go blind from the colors.

From left to right:
At the top- Riku (aka "Ricchan" and "Rikkun"), Michiyo (aka "Michi"), and Sora (aka the girl with no nickname :p )
In the middle- Tori, "The Bishie" (whose-name-is-yet-to-be-revealed), and Megchan :D
At the bottom- Keiko and a mysterious person. I spy cat ears. WHO COULD IT BE, I WONDER?!
Screen tone abuse.
And poor writing skills. Make this.

on the bright side, I avoided giving away the guys name. >:3 i have my reasons
I'm behind. AAAH. I'll make it up, sorry! >_< Been bogged with hw and exams blah blah blah that kinda stuff.


The anatomy of it all! This took me forever for three panels.
Tis a bishie.
Sorry i went wacko with the screentones
If you don't get it-
Bessie needs to pee
This one was pretty fun with the screen tone and junk. On the other hand, the lineart wouldn't look so... constipated if I wasn't so sleep deprived. Went to bed at 3 am again.

Thanks all for your comments
'Specially you NANCY ER I MEAN xoxo.ery :p

...After a second glance I think it has lighting issues. And I can't draw dogs XDDDD not even cartoon dogs.
so tired
after dishing out two pages in a row, I'm bushed. Enjoy.
wth O_O
this thing is supposed to email me when i get comments DX

ahahaa. thanks

Theres a TYPOOOO AAAH. >_< I'm never rushing again...
This one's not funny either. Sorry.
er. cause he's magical. :D
hehe i got kinda lazy o_____O
halfway i had to start over with the lineart (because i rebooted my computer and then the tablet settings went back to normal!)

who is this guy? :)
hehe this is interesting :)
I like the style, its... how do i word this in an understandable way... friendly? :D