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i edited the surprise lines from an image i got from the lovely peeps at screentones@dA and their website.
/crawls back under rock.
eeeee loniii! -hugs- thanks so much! ;w; <3333
crosshatch brushes from

this is the recently redrawn page 5! im currently redrawing page 6.
i don't know why it's taking so long for me to work on this -______- i decided that i am no longer satisfied with the chapter 2 pages that i sketched out like a year ago, so i'm gonna redraw them :p which means an even longer wait! woot! :D /fail
February 27th, 2011
rubygem> wahh~ thank you very much! ^___^<3

lane> THAT ICON IS TAKING OVER EVERYWHERRREEEE. and i'm not scary, wutchu talkin bout :T lol but thank youuuu<3
February 27th, 2011
wow, it's been a while hasn't it :p
uhhh yeah, when was the last time i updated? XD i have no idea, but all i know is that i have a bunch of sketches and pages to be edited from last year :T so here's one of em that i finally got around to finishing :D yah, i hope you can tell from all the textures why i put it off for so long 8I lol texturing scenery is torture. just look at that fail water =__= oh wells, hope you all enjoy~ *crawls back under rock for another year*

textures/brushes used:
"Halftone Patterns" brush set from
they're kinda hard to see, but i used them in the water.
everything else was from screentones, as mentioned before.
February 14th, 2011
aha, thanks for all your comments! :) and i'm guessing link was messin with the cuccoos again hahaha
ahhh thanks you guys~ :'D
The bunny and carrot pattern in the last panel is from
Giving credit where credit is due
is important!
Check em out at the Screentones website or at his deviantART
If i use anything from other sources I'll be sure to credit them as well in the Artist comments, because it's only fair to give them credit for their hard work :0 A majority of the sources I use are from Screentones though, which is why I dedicated a page to em :D

Page 1 for chapter 2 will be up tomorrow =w=
And this page looks really random but yeah, haha, still experimenting ^_^;;
Long time no see!
It's been a while hasn't it? Ahh, sorry! :'( I said I wouldn't take forever to upload again, but it looks like i did >____< Before I decided I would upload my manga in bulks so readers could read a whole chapter at a time, but that's pretty hard to do so I decided just to do it page by page :/
Well, as you can see I've been working with screentones :D yayyyy! Yeah I got Photoshop. Haha. They're pretty fun to work with. Though I'm not sure if I'm gonna stick with these particular ones for Snake and Magni. I was kinda just experimenting lol. Oh, and I couldn't come up with a good title for this chapter, so I just put whatever, haha.
Anyway, page one is currently being edited and page two is being inked. I have pretty much allll the other pages sketched from a longggg time ago, so hopefully i can start uploading more frequently. Next week is spring break so most likely I will :3 haha.
Please stay tuned~!
awww thank you! :'D

yes, that damn bl 8I hahaha. perhaps i'll draw some to lure in the fans -SHOT- no jk jk XD lol

oh and thank you for faving!! ;w; i appreciate it very much~
yeah, i'm gonna try to put an extra at the end of every chapter.
this idea came when me and magni were chatting on msn, and i mentioned how sandou doesn't have many fans. then she followed with the "they prefer BL" line(lol), and that's when i made a little msn doodle of raiden trying to hit on snake, followed by a pic of us disapproving-similar to the one in the last panel.
lol yeah we come up with a lot of crack jokes when we chat so we decided we'd try to use most of them to make some omake. hopefully we'll have enough 8I it's kinda hard coming up with ideas for these. lol.

i drew this in my sketchbook when i was in the philippines and edited it with SAI.
September 19th, 2009
Thanks Everyone!
thank you guysss!!! your comments mean a lot to me~ ;w;

thank you<333
to magni~
thank you so much magni~!!!!!! ILU TOO!!!!!
to hush_sound~
thank you very much for all your lovely comments! i'm so glad you enjoyed it TwT
and yes, i speak japanese but my japanese is somewhat fading away since i don't really use it anymore XD oh, and the sound effects, i had to look most of those up, because i may speak japanese but i have no clue about sound effects! lol
i posted the first half of this chapter in japanese at my deviantart if you would like to take a look at it :3 maybe it will help you with your learning~ ^_^ it's at :)
thanks again!<3
incase anyone reading this is not a zelda fan (which i don't see is possible, but)...
the "doo doo doo dooooo" sound when link talks about his shield is a sound effect all zelda fans im sure are familiar with, and it plays whenever link gets a new item.
ex: "You got a new shield!" *link holds it up while DOO DOO DOO DOOOOOO! sound plays*
ahem. uhh yeah XD just thought i'd throw that in there for some humour. lawl
random steamed buns for the win!
those are so out of place orz oh well.
btw, the dog is supposed to be my dog baron XD haha
i'm assuming the big jumble of scribbles in panel 7 implies grumbling or cursing 8D or it can be whatever your imagination tells you it is XD lol
also, when i was sketching all these pages out i started getting tired at this point, so i started drawing everything furuba style XD maybe it's cuz i was skimming through a furuba book at the time...
umm... she landed on his shoulders and broke his neck 8I;;
that's such an ayame move ;3
*ayame from tenchu that is XD*