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I'm just a comic noob trying to share my passion for writing with the world.
I like reading, writing (of course), drawing (duh!) and playing video games.
Hope you enjoy the comic!
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    Onipherus Girlius
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You decide
April 2nd, 2015
You decide
Okay, so bad news and worse news.
I decided to restart the comic as I wasn't happy with the script so I got a new artist to help with the project since I didn't have the time anymore to draw it. But that has fallen through and now I'm left with three plausible options so I'm letting you the reader decide.
First option: I start a kickstarter for the comic so that I can hire an artist who will be able to stay on for such a lengthy project.
Second option: You the reader get to be the artists, like how some comics have those guest artists come in to do a page for you, the whole comic could be dedicated to guests doing the artwork for the pages I give them.
Third option: I just nix the whole comic format and change it into a novel which I will make available for discounted purchase to those who read the comic when it is available.
So think over the options and if you really care to see 4-ply to completion and if you can't somehow voice you choice here at smackjeeves you can e-mail at elliotdylan @ elliotdylan .com
And I'm sorry for the delay, I was really hoping to surprise you with the new everything but I guess it wasn't meant to be at this time.
Well that's it for this, ya'll. Hope you enjoyed it. Until some other time. Peace out!
I mean, there's no camera there. What're you talking about?
Oh right, Amber's paranoia.
What it's happened? Like once, maybe twice...maybe never.
Or so my friends keep reminding me. Yeesh. You drop them one time...
And Mick, both forms.
Especially when they see us kissing them after school one day >.>
I mean me, not Amber. She's fine. Her paranoia's legit.
You might miss something boring.
I.E. Erin's still a complainer.
That's it for now. See you guys again in the fall. Until then have a great summer!
Series Finale
Thanks again guys. I really hope you had as good a time reading this as I did posting it. This is it for Subject to Change: College Woes but look forward to a little something special in the fall. Until then have a good summer. ^.^

Go here to read about the characters a few years from now:
Thanks for sticking around this long. I hope you all enjoyed the comic for the most part. The final page after this.
Part One of three be sure to catch all three parts to this three part finale.
Be sure to tune in next week for the special three part series finale.
May 5th, 2014
This will be the last comic here till Fall. Sorry I always seem to start these breaks in the middle of story lines. See you again soon. Have a good summer!
Sometimes I see Kamal as the little puppy nobody wants. Then because of the cute kitten that won't let him go he finally gets adopted