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I like anime and enjoy drawing and writing about ones like Yu-Gi-Oh! And Fullmetal Alchemist. I'm on deviantArt,, and some other sites - usually as Asj127 or Asj Johnson.

Information on comic statuses:

Decision: It's so close to being finished... If only I didn't keep coming up with more pages between now and the ending. I want to plan most of the rest of the pages out so that I can update faster for the ending, but I'm not sure if I can do it.

Mistaken Identity: I'll re-start this one after finishing Decision. I'll need to plan it out some, first, though.

The Blood of an Alchemist: I want to really think about this one, so it'll probably be awhile, but I can't see myself abandoning it. It's just on indefinite hiatus right now.

that tutorial comic: I think I might rename it. Like, to something more about rating stars. I recently got some better ideas for how to make it. I need to find simpler ways of wording stuff, and after I figure it out, I'll get it going.
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@Hero of Comedy: I kind of semi did. ^_^" Looks like I'd had a page set to show itself after two years... oops.
I need to finish this comic sometime. I'd had the ending almost planned out.
Oh well. Time to go home and catch up on that show of his.
this could be a problem...
I mean, that Pikachu's not been trained yet. Saying, "Rat, kill it" probably isn't going to work.
...that's one big pokemon.
...what exactly did he sniff in that panel there that told him Atty was a man? No wait... I don't think I want to know.
July 11th, 2012
It reminds me of one of those games, where it starts with you waking up in a room with no idea of how you got there.
...Martin must defy gravity while sleeping.
@GeneralWinter: I think it looks nice. ^_^
I think it got up to about 40c (105f) today where I'm at. It's been over a hundred fahrenheit for several days now. :( But I've felt worse, because the air conditioning has been on most of the time (so it was quite a bit lower inside).
It sounds like a lot of people have had hot weather lately. I wonder if there's a reason for hot weather in different places (...besides it being summer for half the world). I'm near the east coast of America, by the way. (actually, pretty close to jokawild1, so I guess my temperature's correct)
He... doesn't have irises. Is he a zombie?
Well, his clothes seem to be in shreds, and there's bandages on his limbs, and he looks kind'a dirty.
But he has nice hair. :D
People can turn into them, and when one dies, someone else will get infected. O_o That's kind'a scary.
I wonder if there's a correct way of getting rid of them...
June 15th, 2012
Aww, she accepted. So nice.
May 23rd, 2012
@Andrew Wolfwood: Well... in the Aladdin movie, Jasmine ran away and stole an apple. So maybe it's a princess thing. :D

She's probably going to pick random people to join their party.
Hmm... Martin looks like he knows something that might be bad.
And... Dice!? Is she leaving it up to luck?! D:
DragonThing dodged! Pay no attention to the hands. :D
Those claws are huge. If Atty hadn't picked him up, would he literally be cut up?
@Oishi17: I know ^_^" It's just that he looks slightly different than in the last page he was in, so... (but I like how he looks here)
@FRaventhorn (Guest): I think jumping on top of the old man is more of a feat. He was the only one that looked dangerous to me.

I was starting to worry that Pifo was going to grow his hair back the way it was ( that blond that was just slapped), but he looks nice in that last panel (that is Pifo, right? If it's not, he has no business in that panel and I'll feel stupid - but I'm reasonably sure it is).
Is this the last page of the flashback?
I seem to have a problem kind of like that for the comic I should be working on. Every time I decide to take a break so I can build up a supply of pages, I don't make any. ...that's like being hard to get back in the swing of doing it, right?
I think the two (at least mostly) human ones look around 15. Maybe the lighter haired one is a little older, like 16 or 17. Just a guess.
(stares at page for awhile)
wait a minute... is she taller than Cat in the last panel? She's a little shorter than him, right?