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Yup! fjsaljfhga my computer will be in the shop for the next week or so, but it'd be really awesome to come back to a bunch of character sheets <3333 See you guyyyys ;n;/
We totally trust you dude.

Ah, btw. Here is the new comic I made for everyone, since this one is pretty much closed off to the newer authors:

I haven't done any tweaking to it at all yet--literally JUST made it. But! Still feel free to join if you'd like! Sorry to the authors to recently returned/joined only to find we couldn't give you posting privileges ;n;
October 23rd, 2012
@VikingScarecrow: Yes! I can't wait to see the new Jansey/Ten >)

I suppose they could do that method, but that's kind of roundabout. XD;; and if it were me, I'd feel so awkward having to send my stuff to someone else to post...
October 21st, 2012
Time to begin. => I hope this is alright? By the way, who has the ability to give authors permission? If the mod isn't here to give new authors permission...we may have to open up a new comic altogether. =o=;;
October 17th, 2012
Since we're starting over, I thought I'd 'revamp' Cashu as well. ≧◡≦ Makes everything feel new again~


Kingdom: Dark
Species: Devil
Job: Tactician & Negotiator
Specialty: Strategy & Management of Inventory/Stock
Weapon of choice: Hellshire Staff

Companion: Hellshire Staff: a rather ordinary looking object that is actually a cursed item. It attached itself to Cashu by accident many years ago and occasionally possesses him. Very mischievous. Cashu finally found a sorcerer with the power to separate them--but for a hefty fee; he needs to work and save to afford the...exorcism.

-People (secretly)

-People (outwardly)

Personality: Cashu comes off as ill-tempered or standoffish, but it's mostly due to his own awkwardness rather than a dislike for people.

History: With some meager experience on the battlefield, Cashu managed to land a position as "tactician" for the newly formed Allied Task Force...but in times of peace, it's more of an errand-boy type of job. Family are all deceased; he grew up with an aristocratic elfin family as the heir's milk-brother.


Should I make a starter for us?
October 3rd, 2012
Hmmm... it seems like we're the only 4 active right now? ;u; Ah well, if we get started they'll come back, probably...

Okay, 3 votes for #4, 2 for # 1 & #2. So let's go with #4? #1 & #2 can be merged into basically #2, and that can be a subplot, I guess...

Since there aren't enough of us active right now to really separate into 2 groups, how about the task force be assembled from members of both kingdoms as an effort at peace-keeping? They can be stationed at the border or be put to difference diplomatic tasks n' such. ;P What do you think?
Heeeey I like this re-vamped Dominatre~ Maybe everyone needs a refresher hahaha (ミ ̄ー ̄ミ)
September 28th, 2012
Bah, it's not much, but here is what I came up with.

The first one is the idea I more or less had in mind for Cashu in the first place (that woman was not his sister. I hope that was an obvious lie, hahaha XD) The rest, I came up with just now...

And what are your ideas? Let's hear them~ It will be fun to start up again ♥‿♥
September 28th, 2012
Well, I still liked the idea of the two kingdom story-lines being maybeeee.... a war? or trying to prevent a war? If you really want to make it more structured, we could also determine societal hierarchy? Like what race rules each kingdom, who are considered 'lowly', blah blah blah. I think it'd be interesting...or too complicated XD

I'll see if I can scratch up some ideas!

٩(^‿^)۶ Yeeeah I'm excited now~
Aye! I loved this. But maybe we can start over? Take a different direction? =o I dunno, whatever you guys want to do~

I've been absent from the comic-scene for like...over a year. ;u; Come on, guys~
LOL so we meet again? xD I can't believe he just buried Parker like thaaat ;A; someone saves himfjshg
I also ship theeeem <3 XD fjoajfoshg OMG I love that you colored in Aster's eyes. Gives the whole thing a real gothic effect...or something XD omg
*gasp* =O jfodsaoghaojfoj Jeff what.

I understand the feeling though XD I was thinking of killing Dinh but decided to just change him haha ;D

I'mma really really miss Jeff if he does leave though....;A; NOOOOO I can't accept it! <//3
@Pooie: Yyyyup he's disgusted with himself for enjoying it too.

jfoaohjofdsohsgHe'snotaclosetsadistIswear .w.
Just making note that from here it splits--

Parker's Arrival:

Reality Check:
And now they tie in together. =)
I don't even...
Hypnotism~ ;D

Anyone want to BS what happens next? ;p I'm burnt out. Maybe when I get home I'll update a different story-line... In any case, Sync already knows the way so...XD I don't know why Bo is asking hahaha.
YAR So I suppose Thomas and Sei will find something better to do than watch Dinh's mental breakdown. And because I like drama, I'm making some changes~ ^^b

Sorry about Silva's....body and stuff. I drew this without reference and I couldn't remember what he looked liiike ;o; I'm at another compooooteeeeer *dead*