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Amateur designer/freelancer: usually in illustration, character design & storyboarding. Pandas. Asian pop culture lover. K-pop. Cute things. Manga. K-Indie. Manhwa. Part-time language student learning Korean. Drama. Tea drinker. Random… (/ OwO)/ ~♥
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    Sammy Leigh
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I can't cook ... And I injure myself 99.9% of the time when I DO attempt >_>; I fear my life will turn shoujo soon LOL XD
Aaaaah, in love with your style!! So good! >w< ~<3
Mwuhahahaa, this amuses me already XD
My god, this page is amazing! *O*
Ooooh feel your pain in drawing BGs... Buildings... *twitch and glares* But the only way to improve is keep drawing them haha

That said, it looks good what you've done ^_^
LOL~ Greatly amused by the 4th panel and the lil flame in her hair XD

Love it so far~ ^w^
*touches screen* Oooooooooooh I must say I love your style *w* The speech bubbles especially grab my attention *nods nods*

*sits self in fan corner* 8D lol
*clings to page* Loving your style >w< <3
Mwuhahaha, the parents amuse me so~ XD

And I like the japanese sfx, etc on the pages, though that's just me ^w^

Ish doing the same on my own comic, seems a good way to remember them and force yourself to write stuff haha

(P.s. Oh look, I'm stalking you again 8D LOL)
Loving this already! *waits for more* *w*
Just read and caught up in one go... Now... next page where?!? Lol XD

Love the plot and characters and your style is refreshing (especially like the minimal colour palette choice, add to it I think) ^w^ <3
Ooh, interesting~ <3 Faving to see where this goes =3
*le gasp* I kneeeeeew it! lol XD
*takes bricks off you* D8 No don't do that!! lol It really doesn't look that bad! ^w^
Ooh new character in this mix of mystery~ lol XD

P.s. I know I've said this before, but your eye style ish love *adores it* They always draw me on every page lol XD
Much better size dearie, and easy to read now too 83

'Happyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappy ... Obviously happy' LOL Love it XD
Oooooh your style ish love *O* so pretty~

Love the concept too <3
Oh god he looks so happy and adorable! <3

Love this so far ^w^
All this mysterious-ness of characters will be the death of me~ You intrigue me well Ayah! *waits for more* 83