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INTERESTS: Anime, manga, anime, uh... hm... manga... pie... japan, art and.. possibaly.. manga. Also anime ^w^ Naruto & Death Note r my top fav anime, got a lot in second position.
Fav Character is HATAKE KAKASHI!!! XD
i am lazy, sleepy, and tired. I like both genders. I usually try to avoid being like everyone else (which is just being me). And I am proud of anything that makes me so.
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ty!!! heh, actually i use a mouse.. o.o but i am getting a tablet in a couple of weeks, so i cant wait!
id probably get more done then
tehe... i wanna continue it! but you're line art is too good and i dont wanna ruin it :/
im trying to update daily. of course i wont be able to keep it up, but ill try ^^
but im fairly rushy with it (as you can see :/ ) so i'll end up editing these i've already uploaded.
Thank you!
Well I was kinda getting worried no-one liked it but cause of your comment i want to do it now!
Thank you!
thank you ^^
lol and i love ur avatar. so me!
hey ive been reading this and its like a pro manga ^^
and i know wat u mean about the boring stuff. its what makes me loose interest when i do comics. but, wat are going 2 do?
and wat program do you use for this? and where do you get tones from?
He looks a little weird.
But i guess hes supposed to look like that. Bisexual, of course ^^
Hope u like...
(woot! go goth style!)
aw!! shes so pretty! i luv how u draw her eyes. her hair looks really soft. good work :D
thnk u! ^^
thats so KAWAII!!
i love how you paint them.
heh, i couldn't post anything before. but i just realised i can now, so i'll put something in :D
'o' thnx...
i love you too! XD
... is that sarcasm? ...
meh, it was pretty crap anyways. ^^
No, Taka-sama!" Sorano yelled. Taka ignored her, pushed her to the ground.
"Hmph," she laughed. "Don't even try to escape me," Taka's cold voice entered Sorano's ears. Taka grabbed and pulled off her shirt. Then she unclipped her bra. Sorano's breasts weren't too amazing, but that wasn't the part she was interested in. Sorano's pants came off along with her panties. "NO!" Sorano screamed.
Tears were running down her face, and her eyes refected pain.
Taka stopped. In her appeared a new feeling. "What..." It was weird. Regret? No. Hate? No. Dissapoinment? No. Arousment? Kinda, but also not so. This.. feeling... was slightly familiar. Like an old friend returning to her. Not happiness or relief. But a sense of them were in it.
Sorano was curled up, naked, and sobbing. Taka new it wasn't sympathy. But it was as well.

"Love," Taka said. Sorano looked up. Taka just sat there, starring at her. "Love," she repeated. Then she started to go closer to Sorano, who hid her head once again in her arms. Taka's arms wrapped around her body. She looked up, confused. "Love," Taka whispered in her ear. This time it wasn't cold. "Taka...?"
"Sorano, I won't hurt you in any way. I just want to hold you. Forever," She nibbled softly on Sorano's ear, holding her tight. The crystals around them reflected them, so they could see themselves. And it was beautiful.

heh, ... hope you like -.-;;
you see, ive got a fetish for white hair .. ^^
thats pretty detailed and nicely drawn! ^^ fantisicle
omg, dats good! ^^
does anyones kno how to create a collab?
Second character. Actually, the main character. Shes the only character in my manga so far. Okay, Ive got the seme + uke up, now for some yuri!
(heh, typo. *persOnality)
Oh yeah, personality!
Heh, i knew i forgot something!
Her personality.
She's cool, dark, and reminds me of the girl with the gun in anime. Emo-ish, but not full-on wrist cutting type.
(btw, my fav ^^)
Hi. New artist here ^^ (thnx for adding me!)
Taka is a character from my yuri. From the main character couple. You can go to my page if you want to read it, but i've only done a couple of pages and the yuri doesnt really start until later. I want to do it NOW, but you have to stick to the story and stuff. So i decieded to relieve my yuri stress here. Thnx!
ah.. iwant her... *drools*
does she look like you? cause then... (giggle)
and Bast, as in the cat goddess? ^^