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Reminds me of this XD
New page! ...finally
Hey guys, I need your help pressuring Iskeirka into planning out the next pages haha.

Happy Easter everyone!

I've been using Gimp lately and I'm finally getting used to it from trying to colour pages for a new comic which Iskeirka and I have been focusing our attention on. Don't look forward to anything for a while though, I still haven't gotten my act together to sit down and finish anything...
Atty is kinda cute when totally "not" crying XD He acts like such a bratty little kid around Kahn.
That was so fun to read while listening to the music, can't wait for the next song :D
Maude is so good at making friends :)

I know you've heard it a hundred times but you draw amazing backgrounds!

So far I love every character, they're all really quirky and cool.
February 19th, 2010
I think this girl is my favourite character...she's so adorable <3
This page is awesome, you draw adorable chibis <3
I totally support JackxDavid now but I don't know why >_> Jack's just cooler than Desta?
Ha ha ha...I'm sorry
I take so long to update *hides*

Probably won't update again for ages as well since today is the last day I have photoshop for D: and I'm back in school now so yeah...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy a new page after a 6 month wait -_-;;
January 24th, 2010
Really cute art! +fav
The outfit looks so cute in chibi form <3 Rosetta's face in the first panel is really well drawn, she looks pretty. Can you really finish it before school? Good luck! I know I couldn't...
Yay you updated! *does happy dance*

Poor little girl D: Can't wait to see what happens next.
I vote for Ursule <3
so cool
I'm loving the creepy smile there :D
ohh spooky~
I really like the contrast on this page ^^
Sorry it's late again OAO
By now you've probably noticed how much I fail at keeping up a schedule...

Ohh well, thanks for reading!

ps; go here to laugh at us in cosplay: you know you want to~
Soul Eater ftw
The eye close-up is very pretty~

Oh the drama, I want to see what's going to happen next ^^
A new arrival...
ohh~ she's adorable <3

Nice doors mann
What happened to all your fancy backgrounds? XD

I like the notion of the butterflies ^^
I hope you get back on schedule soon.....that reminds me, when is my next page due.....