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Had lots of fun drawing these and hnggg I’m in love with black hair atm OTL

You can kind of watch me drawing page 4 and a part of page 5 on my Twitch -> The quality is crappy but idk why and idk how to fix it atm OTL

Also enabled place save @@ its been forever since I used this site so forgive me OTL

I create all my pages (sketching/lining/toning) using Manga Studio EX4.
Comic reads from left to right~
Comic reads from left to right~
Comic reads from left to right~
OTL this is horrible *cuts self*
i ruin characters *hide*
what is dialogue OTL
last page of the prologue <3
what is this i dont even-.....
not the real dialogue - im just too stupid to think of the real one right now OTL *fails at life*
hate hate hate
super fugly.

i wasnt sure which angle to pick for the last panel so i did that..... if anyone wants to suggest otherwise your more then welcome <3
sketch~ it should be in colour~
February 28th, 2011
@clairedeecat123: thanks XD