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Brade the echidna
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Shaved Thad looks REALLY good in Panel 4
And in today's episode

Thad gets a shave
My Saw senses are tingling. Lee. Get the fuck out of there.
Does that mean that you can change more stuff then just hair color?

Nii: Sprout Elf Ears
Hey guys, I might be a bit late to the party, but I just realized that those two thugs earlier where first seen on the wanted posters on this page
>Dave: Mega is dead. Did you know that?
Yahoo, I'm lucky ^_^

>Slime: Revive the fish, then turn back into a fishbowl to make sure it survives.
Mega: Who is the most annoying enemy you fought?
>: Rosa your hat back.
>Troll: Decide that the Fagbird is your new pet.
Guys, excluding Djoing and Enigma, LESS chaos then last time. We'll just snap this guy like we did with Zalafar.

>Troll: Believe that Sprite3 is running away from him.
>Internet Troll: Run out of a building and cuss at the Sprites.

Internet Troll:
A normal human. Black hair, white T-shirt with blue at the ends. (Like, blue at the bottom, at the hole for the neck, at the end of the sleeves, etc.) Normal deep blue pants, and if you can, bloodshot eyes. The Internet Troll hates everything and everyone, and will most likely insult just about everything.

Health: 3
Strength: 2
Magic Power: 0
Speed: 5
>A modern city. Brade demands a city.
>Tigra: Decide that it's Nin's turn to carry you.
Ohai Eddie. Haven't seen you in a while.