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How'd I end up here?

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Looks like my help here is no longer needed. *Flies off in the distance*
April 20th, 2013
Is it me, or do you seem to not get all of my corrections, considering "advantage" is still spelled incorrectly.
It's good to see that my spelling/grammar checks haven't gone to waste.
Yanno, if you combine the likes on DD with the favorites on SJ, it's kinda like having over 20 likes.
I've been waiting longer than six months for this, Nova.
Sounds pretty graphic... Geographic.
Pokémon battles? In my Simple Pixel? Unheard of!

Also, Majora's Mask.
Guess they'll be... Street Fightin'.
Hope his sharing won't requires halfs. That won't be pretty.
Ashley should get Kev a restraining order for Valentine's Day.
Maybe those pick-up lines were not bad, but they were certainly Natu-nique.
Don't quit your dayjob, son.
Careful now...
Don't want that 6th panel to be filled with flaps.
inb4 the ending actually shows the black belt guy becoming the new champ.
Pokepuns? That's just Onix-eptable.
It would be hilarious if Brendan forgot he's psychic as well.
Better watch it, Wyatt. Next thing you know, she's expecting you to catch incoming bullets.
Guess high pitched noises can't cure confusion or paralysis.
You have a new site?
Had a headache I told none of you about. Apparently, none of you even noticed a whole week without updates. (Assuming you didn't go to DrunkDuck already.)