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August 4th, 2011
I was totally thinking Spidey too. And awww, so adorable D=
This comic man...this comic! O3O
I freaking love this, not just cuz Coelasquid. But just this adorable duck in general <3 I really should submit a fan comic sometime.
May 23rd, 2011
Definately my favourite. Definately worth commenting XD
April 27th, 2011
I like it! Nice job, can't wait to see more =D
Hehe, Sierra so crazy c:
I think maybe because its so much work. We should have a GM AND plot artist separately.

In that case I vote Simon for both if no, but perhaps I could do plot comics if Simon sorts it all out? o3o maybe then I could still participate.
I tried to keep Salt in character too! When Salt noticed the first Mafia killed body, I drew a frame that showed Salt actually going crazy, the two people stood over the body were the next two killed. Salt thought that they were Mafia.

I admit I was ONTO Chook, I had a 2 man hit list, I just went in the wrong order. I noticed the cop voted for Kree everytime before being killed.

Anyway, sorry again guys! I assassinated the wrong peeps! ^^;
I always forgot to say how much I loved this! Thank you so much to my secret Santa! This was so nice of you! :)
hahaha I love the twist man! DA DA DAAA! c: This should be good! Mainly cause I feel Luffinpuff is going to make any attempt at action anticlimatic XD
I believe the ones keeping out of the picture must be to blame! Why make yourself known if you're hiding something! D:
Salt: HE WASN'T THE MURDERER?! but he has an eyepatch! on a ship! Everyone knows that gray squirrels kill red squirrels, it HAD to have been him!
*Salt begins to run frantically around deck again*
Aaaw thank you =D
This is rare for me...IT'S A TRADITIONAL NON CUT PASTE COMIC. hope it looks ok ^^;
Oh right yeah, he also has quite the long nose!
...wha? ^^;
Salt the squirrel, age 11 is on the boat this time round, and he intends to stay safely on solid ground as he has a HUGE fear of water, it's why he wears the goggles all the time. JUST. IN. CASE.

Salt is also afraid of fish after "the incident" leaving him without his squirrely buck teeth and a broken tail. Due to this, Salt is nervous, sweet and naive. He's unsure on what to do at most times, so now he's trying to face his fear by swabbing the deck!
November 1st, 2010
Am I able to join? :3
I've just found this comic and I have to say it's such a gem amongst all the other comics, I'm faving this one and I shall continue to read, and Imma tell ALLLL my friends about it XD
I pick Mozz!