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My husband and I love the one, reminds us of the two Spam/Phishing type letters you receive in game.
Mmmm Tasty Sebastian. You've done his armor amazingly, by the way, and I have to say that the assumption that he is now non-sexual is wrong. Especially if you do the Rivalmace option, he declares he's going back to princely life and leaving the Chantry for good and remarks that he'll "return to you no less than a prince" at which time we can safely assume sexy time will ensue. If only they included that, le sigh. He was my favorite romance option as far as looks and, yes, DAT VOICE.
The best two letters I ever got in DAII were the spam ones. One about a foreign king who was going to give me money or somesuch, and then about male enhancement...
Hold up-- What's this with our dear Cullen watching some Warden bathe!? When did that happen!? I played every opening in that game and somehow missed the sexy one!? BLAST!
I had this same feeling playing through the first time. I kept hoping for that little heart with Varric, but noooo. The coolest character and you can't even mess with him.

This particular edition is probably my fave so far! So colorful, and of course freaking hilarious.
Exactly what happened to me! ... During my third play through. I don't think it ever occurred to me to pay attention to those encounters until then. Sad but true. I was too busy ogling Sebastian and Varric.
That... is freaking hilarious. Literally LOLing right now. A very classic moment, I think.