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hi, i like drawing and yaoi ^_^
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November 27th, 2017
@Silver : apparently something bowl shaped ;)
November 13th, 2017
@Silver : you'll see (kinda) on sunday =D
double update since it's Sasuke's birthday
I, as well as 42 other amazing artists, are a part of a Kakashi x Iruka zine!!! you can find the details here: -content

order here:

please support us!!!
April 10th, 2017
@mattyboi: Naruto is a He dressing and pretending to be a She (sorry for the confusion)
February 26th, 2017
tucking for the win
February 19th, 2017
i can't draw duct tape >3>
February 6th, 2017
joec_mn: I'm so glad! I feel so bad for not updating for this long >////<
holy shit it's been three years ^^;;;

my only excuse is that college was brutal

more pages coming soon!
hey! he kissed him on the pecker!
you know i had to make a reversal role for kakashi and iruka. goodness i wonder where i would've taken the story if Kakashi was the slut XD

more on tumblr

next chapter is 50% done
i still got like an hour for april fools....despite this not really being a joke, to tell the truth at the planning stage those many many years ago it was going to be sasuke that dressed as a girl but I couldn't think of enough jokes for him so enjoy the pic

more sasuke cross dressing art can be found on my tumblr n
@Vee: correct! (sorry for the late reply)
@Quadrant: omg i love your comments!!! XDXDXD
enjoy the sexier love day pic!

Kakashi: why all the chocolate?

Iruka: ‘cause I prefer when you don’t talk

by the way i am working on chapter 2 right now
called it love day because i was too lazy to write down valentines

Sasuke: what the hell Naruto?

Naruto: holiday fan service!

the next pic will be nsfw ;)
called it love day due to my laziness to write valentine XD so enjoy the pic!

so which one do you think is ito and io?
okay, this is the very last page for chapter two, as said before in p45 chapter 3 will not be here until around summer, however i will be posting the occasional holiday sketch/colored picture so you guys can at lease look forward to that =)
aaand that's the end of the chapter, there's one more page after this but it's just an after chapter pic.

so yeah chapter 3 will most likely be out in the summer since i'm going to work on my other webcomic's chapter now

if you want to ask questions about my weobocmics (i.e. about the characters, inspiration, etc), updates, oe check if i'm alive you can go to my tumblr (though i haven't put up much art lately)

(link is to my I Like You Kuroesan tags) an
(link to to my main page)
do the bats, evil caste on a mountain, and martini help with the sad drama? if not sorry, my sense of humor can be strange at times