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Coco the rabbit 101917
Ask and you'll find out more about me~ But! i will tell you that I'm sweet and loveable..
.. at times~
But, I'm usually fun to hang around.
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I came back to this comic in some small hope that maybe it would still be active. I remember my short time on here drawing little comics in pdn and i was hoping to return. It's sad to see it go :'c
I get very emotionally attached to stuffed animals. It's almost unhealthy as I longingly stare at the cute plushies trapped in the dreaded claw machines.
Hi and welcome to Distant Heart!! (Hopefully I can rename it to Distant Hearts but for now that's in the works =v= ) This is a little comic about me and my boyfriend's fantasies of how normal life would be for us <3 I hope you enjoy!
I haven't done anything with sprites in ages. I did some pixel art at some point but that's different from this I feel??

So this is kind of a "warm up thingy" and I'm also hoping to get some feedback to help? ;v;
@Shade_the_Hedgehog_2009: Jeez it really has been a long time-- I suddenly logged on and this seriously made me feel super nostalgic

Maybe I should get back into this too
Now introducing another character! c: You'll learn more about my favorite cutie shortly
I'll be posting these in groups of 5's. Seems to do better -v- Also I will be opening the ask blog again but it'll only be for silly questions rather than 'people ask questions to progress the story' kind of thing. I like going at my own pace without prompting others to make it move. But it WILL be opening for just like; "oh how do you feel about this character' or 'what would you do if..' questions.
So the start! (I'm currently fixing order and all that right now)

And I know the background styles are inconsistent. I'm still working on that.


I decided to go back and kind of re-do the comics I had for it?

I um. When I started this idea it was completely gonna be something different then it trailed off. I'm just gonna try to restart it.

The ask blog is still open and will continue to stay open. But it'll be a mostly silly; 'ask the characters' things.

SO! Here's the ask blog and you can catch up on some of the characters or whatever but it's basically gonna be left dead for awhile:

I'm off to start the new pages!!

Well here I am... crawling abck to smackjeeves XD I like it here anyway.
Welp here's the start XD It's bumpy especially since this was 1. My very first time using FireAlpaca (I've greatly improved since this) and two, I usually do these in the style of single page panels on tumblr, so I had to piece them together awkwardly on paint eve; If you want better quality, here's the one on tumblr! t-doing-mine-either

This is also an ask blog that takes place post true pacifist when all the monsters on the surface ;v; obviously there will be spoilers so feel free to ask questions! (I'd rather you do so on tumblr but go ahead here too if you want c: Right now though only Frisk and Sock are available for asks.)

Oh yes you guys are probably wondering who the girl is eve maybe ask about it and your answers will be asked~ All you know is her name is Sock

Also from now on these will be one page panels on here as well and uploaded in bulk. Meaning this could go a few weeks without updates but then get tons of just one page pictures ;v; hope it's okay until I find a better solution! Enjoy the ride!
This was so rushed I'm even kind of ashamed by how rushed it is. DX Oh well.

Echo likes to make memory quilts~ Kind of cute but she makes far too many~
One of those "A picture says a thousand words" answers. I dunno why I decided to draw this week's question on paint.. guess I wanted a challange I dunno. Oh well! Echo hopes to see her parents after death :3
This took far too long to upload. I was kind of afraid that I wouldn't of done it in time... ^^; I tried a few things when coloring this one... It's okay, but I'm gonna have to play around with Jericho's colors. Make his fur color darker I think. Oh well.

:3 Poor wittle Echo afraid of ghosts~
Ugh! It literally took me an hour to upload this I'm so ticked. XD here's Echo's answer! she doesn't think too far into the future but evolving is definitely something she wants to do sometime in her life... Too badshe's an eevee and has a bunch of choices!

(i'm too rusty on drawing Echo ;A; )
So! I decided to answer the question in between finals and such :3 I only have a few more days of school and I'm so excited!
I had to laugh at your "I prefer hot coco" ult. Sometimes i really wish i could change my username xD
It's supposed to say; "Normally" gah.
Adam is answering this week's question. I made him up actually last weekend. XD I wasn't able to answer last week's question because I was sick for the majority of it. Xp oh well. A short one for this week!

I have yet to introduce Adam into the rp that all these are characters are from.. but that's mostly because the person who I do it with hasn't been in the mood or whatever.

Oh no Lucy's in trouble.